Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Music makes me lose control

Kyson had just gone to sleep and I was ready for some 'me' time. I got myself a bowl of ice cream and planted it on the couch. It's wednesday night, do you know what that means? American Idol was on!!

GO PIA!! :)

I was so into it tonight because well lets face it, Elton John has some pretty amazing songs and tonight they all sang his songs. But thats not the point.. I was sitting there watching and my cute husband sent me a text message, and I quote:
"I have an idea for you. Not sure if you're gonna like it though. We were talking in class about how good you are at writing and I was thinking you should do some. I think you should write a book. I know it sounds stupid but if you wrote a book about you like a biography I'd love to read it."
My respond:
"My life's not interesting enough."
His response to that:
Absolutely it is!"

(sorry Dave, I know you're in class right now reading this and I know I had really short text messages but c'mon, American Idol was on :))

It got me thinking.. Not about writing a book cause thats a lot of work. And lets face it, I don't have the patience right now. But I've been complaining to Dave a lot lately that I need a new hobby and I came up with the solution. Ready to hear it?

Wait for it, wait for it... :)

I'm going to start playing the piano again!! I haven't played since high school and I miss it. I was listening to music on iTunes on shuffle and this song came on:

I LOVE this song!! Piano music is the best and I can never get enough of it. So I figured playing the piano is a great way to keep music in my life, keep me busy, and kill time all in one! I'm sure I'll be rusty at first but once I get the hang of it, it'll be magical. Ha! So be ready for the next Mozart, DENISE :)
hahaha :)

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