Monday, July 29, 2013

Mesa, AZ

This was my first time to Mesa and it did not disappoint!  On our way there we stopped in Vegas and also at the Hoover Dam! I have been to Vegas a hundred times but I've never made my way over to the Dam and it was so cool. I love seeing new things for the first time, even if it's just something like a giant dam haha

It was so hot, 118 degrees, and so windy! It made for a very flattering picture! We wanted to spend a bit more time there but we just couldn't handle that ridiculous heat. Once we arrived in Mesa we played. We went to a huge candy store, Sweeties, the cutest baby girl boutique that I'm still obsessed with, swam, went thru the Mesa Temple, watched fourth of July fireworks, ate chocolate covered crickets, made homemade bombs (don't ask!) and even had a blate! We loved Mesa but didn't love the heat. How in the world is Utah and Arizona hotter than Texas?! Whatev..

My blate was with these pretty girls! Alexis is the sweetest person in all of blogland! I'm not even exaggerating. At all! I loved meeting up with her and her adorable happy little baby.
We can't wait to visit Mesa again! Next time it'll be during the winter though ;)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

utah vacation pt 2

We had the best time in Utah but it quickly went from a great trip to a emotionally exhausting trip! Things happened that can't get put online but it caused a lot of sadness. So we cut our time in Utah by a week. But while we were there we lived it up! We did some hiking, some swimming, some splash padding, some eating, some family time, some traveling, some more eating blah blah blah.

We spent one day up in Cedar City to escape the heat. That was a mistake! It was just as hot there with absolutely nothing to do haha
We spent another day at the lake where our car got stuck in the sand for four hours, along with two other cars! Thanks babe! So we made the best of it and played in the water. We did get a crazy good tan though!
We went hiking at Snow Canyon to the caves. Kyson was terrified!!
We had such a fun time this week with my whole family! We left St George a week early and headed south. The last week we spent in Mesa with my sister! That post is coming up next :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

utah baby shower

The second week the rest of my family arrived in St George for our Family Reunion. I come from a family of five kids, who are all married with kids of their own. So getting everyone together at the same time is SO hard! We had everyone there except one of my brother in laws. The first few days were spent poolside, again. My parents have a pool in their backyard so it's a favorite among the grandkids. My Mom threw me a family baby shower plus one of my friends who I just HAD to have there, ha! It was so fun to get both families involved without the drama (Dave's family has a lot of drama). We played some games, ate some yummy chocolate fondue snacks and the same punch we served at our wedding and opened gifts. My parents house has a lot of big windows in it so the sun is really bright, so none of the pictures turned out very good.

while we were decorating, my camera somehow got put on a setting where it takes a picture every 5 seconds. This was the result of not knowing what was going on..
This is my sister Charity. We're seriously the best of friends! I kind of feel like I photobombed my own picture haha

I wish I would have thought to get a picture with everyone who came. Dang it! It was so fun and I got so much cute girly stuff!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

utah vacation pt 1

Dave and I are both from Utah, so we vacation there. A lot! We both have our families there and our friends. Plus we love going to Utah! Every year we take three weeks and drive out to Utah to relax for a while. This year was no different! On our way out there we made a few stops along the way which made traveling while pregnant so much easier! First we stopped at the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo. It's been on my "Texas Bucket List" forever so I wanted to stop and see it. It was kind of cool but its not something I'll want to do ever again. At least I was able to check it off my list!

We always stay the night in Gallup, NM at the same hotel every time we go back home. After spending the night we hit the road again and stopped at the Four Corners. It too is on my Bucket List and again it's not something I'll want to do again but still kind of cool!

Once we made it to St George we went straight over to Dave's Mom's house for a bbq and we were able to surprise everyone! It was so fun just dropping in on the whole family unexpectedly! 
The first few days there were spent poolside! I definitely got my tan on while I was there. The whole first week we swam, played at the Splash Pad, visited friends and family, ate a ton of good food and just relaxed! It was exactly what we needed!

I didn't take a lot of pictures on this vacation so I'll do my best to remember what all we did. I'm already starting to forget!

Friday, July 19, 2013

28 weeks

picture taken at 28 weeks 2 days

It's been a month since I last blogged! Blame it on a long vacation and laziness. I have a ton to catch up on! But those are for other times. 

-My heartburn is gone! Long gone thanks to Nexium. Thanks Doc for the prescription!

-I registered at the hospital to have this baby. Things are getting real! I'm just glad I don't have to watch that oh so disturbing epidural video again. Seven minutes of hell! Did anyone else have to watch that video?

-I had my first baby shower while in Utah. It was a blast and I got so much cute stuff.

-I took my Glucose Test. I'm not a fruit punch fan and guess what flavor I got. Fruit Punch! The test is way easier and faster than it was 5 years ago. Now I know why everyone kept saying it 'isn't that bad' because it's not. But it used to be!! And I want to punch everyone in the throat for saying it, ha! Obviously my dramatic pregnancy hormones have taken control of me body!

-I now have doctors appointments every two weeks. Yeah!

-Braxton Hicks are a killer. I've been getting them since four months so you'd think I'd be used to them. Nope! It makes for extremely uncomfortable evenings.

-No stretch marks, my clothes still fit, I still have an innie belly button, no swelling or retaining water, weight gain and blood pressure are perfect.

-I've lost all patience with mankind! I blame the hormones. I can't wait to be normal and sweet again haha

I just cannot wait to meet my baby princess. She's already so spoiled!