Sunday, August 31, 2014

Military Style photos pt 2


Thank you so much Shalyn for our pictures. We love them, obviously!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Sometimes the best thing about getting family pictures taken are the bloopers. There's just something about looking back at a stressful situation and just laughing about it. Especially when there's pictures to laugh at!
Presenting, our family pictures bloopers!

Always bring a comb to photo shoots!!

 Well, Presley and I were ready. And we got photobombed!

 Um, where did my chin disappear too? And in case you were wondering, Kyson did cough all over me!

 Oh ya know, just running to keep my daughter from falling off a giant metal word.

 Making a run for it!

 Are we done yet?!

 This is when you know it's time to go home!

 What's the best way to make a cranky kid happy?

 It's definitely not tickling them...

 You just let them strip down and play in a dirty pond with cousins.

Works every time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Glow Run

We did a Glow Run over the weekend, as a family! I love 5K's but when I get to include my kids in the run too, it's even better!! Kyson and Presley were both mesmerized by the glow sticks and the black lights. We got there a little early so we could enjoy the concert before the actual run. A bunch of local artists were there performing for the fundraiser. Kyson loved the concert! He wanted to go into the very center of the crowd and party it up! The 5K was fun because you couldn't see anyone, just their glow sticks. It was kind of cool and really creepy, especially since the trail was on this creepy path with tall trees, rickety old bridges and a dark pond next to it. It's a perfect setting for a horror movie! We mostly walked the whole way. We did some running but Kyson got tired, a lot so we spent most of it walking and talking. It was kind of relaxing! Overall it was a really fun night as a family!

Monday, August 25, 2014


Kyson, my sweet, innocent, little boy started Kindergarten today! He was so excited and was only sad for a minute. He didn't cry and guess what? Neither did I!! I balled my eyes out last year so I was pretty proud of myself. His school was torn down and rebuilt during the summer so he was excited to go to a brand new school. It's so nice! He got a new haircut, new school, new teacher and he even gets to ride the bus this year. He's having the time of his life already! That bus puts the biggest smile on his face. I love that the smallest things in life make him the happiest. I can't believe how fast time has gone since Kyson was born. It's unreal!

I'm so proud of Kyson!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Military Style Pictures pt 1

I know, I just posted our family pictures! But I just got these pictures back and I'm completely obsessed!

While Dave and I were in Utah we had some Military Style pictures taken. We chose Shalyn Davis Photography in Southern Utah and let me just say this one thing about her. She's amazing! I'm thinking about having her do our pictures every single time we're in Utah! Anyway, we met up at a golf course in St George and started walking. I've had family pictures taken here before but this girl knew where all the hidden gems were. She took down a path I had never seen and it opened up into this gorgeous field of perfectly green grass, a gorgeous pond with the sun setting behind it. There were giant trees everywhere and I was in awe by our surroundings! While we were walking, just minding our own business chatting it up the sprinklers came on. I'm talking the big, powerful ones designed to cover a lot of ground at once. It literally blasted Dave right in the face! He was soaked! It made such a loud noise that I about jumped out of my clothes! I didn't know whether to laugh or feel bad for Dave, ha! I could see him trying to hide the fact that his blood was boiling. He was so frustrated! But to be completely honest and totally selfish, I'm glad it hit him and not me. My hair was perfect, my make up was perfect and my dress was white. It would have been a disaster and we would of had to reschedule. Luck was on our side I guess! Luckily it was hot outside so he dried fast and you can't even tell he's wet in the pictures haha. Those dumb sprinklers chased us around that golf course the entire time!

Anyways, I've never had a photo shoot where every single picture turned out flawless, until now! When we were going through them choosing the ones we wanted it seemed that every time I clicked the next button, my mouth dropped even further. Perfection! Every single one of them! I can't describe how obsessed with these pictures I am. So I'll stop rambling on about them and just show you :)