Monday, March 14, 2011

What goes with a perfect wedding? A perfect reception!

We held our reception in one of Dave's uncles backyards. It was such a nice evening too! What better way to celebrate the combining of two lives then to be surrounded by your closest friends and family.. and then some. It was a great night.

Our "SWEETS" table :)

The balcony was a big hit!!

HAHAHA they would suck the helium out of my balloons!!

I really don't know what happened to the rest of our reception pictures.. It makes me really REALLY sad :( But I guess the mental images in my head will just have to do for now :)

So what comes after the reception? The honeymoon!! All we wanted was a nice peaceful getaway where no one could bother us... Where did we go? Viva Las Vegas! OK we started in Vegas and made our way through Utah haha.. Even though Dave and I have been to Vegas many times before, we had never been together. And let me tell you, Vegas is a whole new world when you're newly weds ;)

The Vegas Strip

Next we went to Lagoon

We stayed at what was supposed to be a nice hotel, unfortunately they failed to inform us that they would be renovating during our stay.. There was literally stacks of drywall leaning up against the walls, holes in the walls, and just junk everywhere! It was horrible but it gave us a good laugh. We were too giddy and excited to care what the outside of our room looked like! We spent that night swimming (since the hot tub was also out of order).

The next day we went all over Salt Lake City. Which surprisingly was a lot of fun! We went to the temple, toured the Conference Center, then ate at The Roof.. YUMMY!!

We went back to St George for a few days and played at Sandhollow! Yay :)

I don't know what it is about having mud between your toes but I love it!!

Next we headed to eastern Utah

Our Honeymoon was so much fun and definitely memorable. It was a perfect way to start off as a married couple. But we couldn't wait to get back home so we could open our gifts and start our new lives together.

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