Wednesday, June 12, 2013

23 weeks

23 weeks 4 days

-I feel great! The only side affect I'm experiencing is heart burn, and it's a killer. Baby girl better come out with a full head of hair with all the heart burn I'm having!

-No stretch marks.

-I've gained about 7 pounds. All my clothes still fit great!

-My hair is growing at a super sonic rate. I chopped my hair to my shoulders last October ish and my hair is already to the middle of my back. I love pre-natals!

-I'm a lot bigger than I was my last pregnancy at this time. It's crazy how different pregnancies can be.

-My hair is baby fine and it normally gets oily really fast. I usually have to wash it every day or at least every other day just to keep it from being plastered to my head (gross!). The last couple months I've been able to go days without washing it because it's not oily. Like, at all! It's been so nice!

-I've been craving Twix, Macaroni and Cheese, corn, pineapple, and ice cream.

-Baby girl's heart rate is at 148 (the same as last month).She's about the size of a large mango and is just over a pound in weight. She has some intense kicks and loves my sciatic nerve.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

that time i got stranded in another country

Last year the man and I took a cruise through the Caribbean. One of our stops was in Jamaica and it was an amazing experience! Since Dave and I spent every second off the ship together I never bothered taking my wallet. He payed for everything and I figured why carry mine around if I wasn't going to use it? So I left my wallet, phone and passport on the ship. No big deal for most people. We went throughout the day normally, spent time on the beach, went shopping, walked around the town, you know the usual touristy things. The time was coming for us to return to the ship and we were heading back. Somehow we got separated and our plan was that if that ever happened to just meet back at the ship. So that's what I planned on doing. As I got closer to the ship I noticed it was getting further and further away. Isn't it supposed to be getting closer? I mean I was speed walking my way to the ship. As I turned onto the walkway to the ship I noticed it wasn't there, it was out to sea!!! I immediately started panicking and ran back to the port to see if any of the Royal Caribbean employees could call them and tell them to wait. There was no way for them to do that. And since I didn't have any type of identification with me basically they told me I was out of luck. I was petrified! So I went to find a phone I could use to call someone, anyone. Maybe my Mom? Oh yeah I didn't have money with me, not even spare change. And I didn't even know how to call out of the country! So I went back to the port office to see if they could help and guess what? The doors were locked. They were closed! I sat on a bench outside of the office and cried and cried and cried. I thought I was going to be stranded there forever as a bum sleeping on benches.  
The next thing I knew an employee was offering for me to stay with her until I figured out a way to get back home. I was so grateful! I knew how worried Dave must have been and I knew he was doing everything in his power to fix it but I knew that probably wouldn't make a difference. I was freaking out because we still had five more days left of our cruise. What was I going to do for five days without any money? The next day I made my way to the local airport to see if maybe the customs department could somehow help me. No luck but I did run into a very nice lady who was indeed willing to help. She happened to have a private plane and couldn't say no to a poor American girl who was balling her eyes out. I figured being in the states trying to prove that I was a real American citizen was better than being a homeless bum living on the streets of a foreign country. So I hopped on the plane and prayed Dave wouldn't come to Jamaica looking for me! Oh did I mention the lady helping me was Kim Kardashian? She really is so nice in real life! We made it to Orlando and I was able to call my parents who graciously put me up in a hotel until Dave returned. I called, texted and emailed Dave letting him know I was safely in Orlando hoping that he'd think to check. I was home! I was safe and I met a huge celebrity! I was so afraid I would never see Kyson again and I could not wait to give him a giant hug.
There's just one piece of information you should know and that's that none of this happened.. This was the dream I had last night! I just want to show just how real and intense my dreams are. Every night! I've never once had a dream where I was falling or being chased by gorillas. All my dreams are real life things that could happen! I woke up so freaked out from this dream that I about started crying. My real life experience in Jamaica was one of the best times on my life and I would love to visit again but I would never want to be stranded there. Unless I could eat all the Jerk Chicken I could handle, for free. Then I might consider being stranded there!

Jamaica 2012

Monday, June 3, 2013

why i love you

You are such an amazing role model to me! You have shown me so many things about myself that I never used to notice. You've made me love me more! And that is so important, how you can you truly love someone else if you don't love yourself first? You have given me a life I never dreamed about and you've given me an adorable little boy that I admire so much. I am so glad you're the one I'm going through this life with and the one I get to spend Eternity with! You're relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus is so precious to me. You can see it in your eyes how much you love God and I love that you teach Kyson the Gospel. You can make me laugh so hard I pee when no one else would be able to and you let me know just how much you love me every single day! You put off such a great energy and it's so easy for you to make friends and get people to like you. I love that! You're an incredibly hard worker. There was a time where you had two jobs just so we could have a nice vacation. Not many husbands would do that! How you manage to go to work, go to the gym three times a day, go to school, and spend time with me and Kyson blows my mind. You're kind of amazing! You let me complain to you more often than I'd like to admit and you never tell me to get over it, quit wining, or even roll your eyes at me. You let me get all my feelings out and you do it with a smile. I wish I could say I'm that patient with you! You always help me clean the house and you never let me take out the trash! That's big because you know how disgusted I am by trash cans! It's no secret that we've had some serious issues in our marriage but look at us! We overcame everything and we came out on top! You're my man and even though you make me so angry sometimes, you're the one I want. You're the one I want to make mistakes with and you're the one I want to learn and grow with. Plus you're so hot!! And that's why I love you!
You little boy, amaze me every single day! You're such a blessing in my life and I adore you so much. You are the sweetest little thing and I love how cuddly you are in the mornings. You are so silly and it melts my heart when you laugh. You told me that I'm your best friend today and it totally made my entire year! You are such a smart little boy, I mean what other four year old can count to 100 by himself?!  You have a passion for learning and you draw me the sweetest pictures. I've kept them all! You remind me every day that 'we love Jesus' and I couldn't be more proud that you know that! You tell me how beautiful I am and you kiss me multiple times a day. You're going to make one heck of a man someday! Your future wife is going to be one lucky girl. If I ever approve of her! No one will ever be good enough for you, ha! You are so excited to be getting a baby sissy but you will always be my first born and we will always have that special mommy/son relationship. I'm having the hardest time knowing you start school in just two months and it's breaking my heart knowing that I wont get all day with you but at the same time, I am so happy that you get to have an education when so many kids go without. I want nothing but the best for you! And now that I'm balling my eyes out typing this, just know that I love you so much! You're my baby boy and you bring me nothing but pure joy! And that's why I love you!
Baby girl
Your daddy and I tried for a long time to get pregnant with you. You are such a blessing and a gift straight from Heaven! We prayed for you, fasted for you, and hoped for you! And now you're so close to being in my arms. You're coming into an amazing family. A family that laughs together, plays together, prays together, loves each other, grows together, and learns together. A family that puts God first, always! You are already so loved by so many people and I know you'll be spoiled! You're coming into a world full of evil but it can't scare you. This world is also full of beautiful things, happiness and love!! You've just got to be strong! You've got a big brother who is already protective of you, he already loves you and kisses my belly goodnight. I'm so happy that you're mine and that I get to have girls days with you. I can't wait to do your hair and paint your nails. Go shopping and get ice cream with my daughter. You're going to make mistakes and get your heart broken, but don't worry I will always be there for you and daddy will always have his guns cleaned, loaded and ready for when those boys are mean to you ;) You will also thrive in life and I can't wait to watch you grow into a beautiful young lady and have a family of your own. And that baby girl, is why I love you. Already!