Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I think its safe to say when a couple finds out they're having a baby, every emotion hits them all at once like a slap in the face.. I took my first at home pregnancy test and those two pink lines showed up faster than I could even flush the toilet!! I was so shocked that I immediately took another test. Which now doesn't make sense since I had just emptied my bladder.. :) And once again, two pink lines. I guess I just couldn't believe it so I made a doctors appointment for the following week. The results? Positive! Can you guess what I did next? Oh yes, you guessed it. I made yet another appointment on base to get blood work done. After getting stuck with a needle and becoming crazy light headed I got the results back. Pregnant, still. So I finally made an appointment with a Gynochologist. "Oh my gosh, there's a baby in there!!" Thats what the doctor basically shouted at me. Finally I accepted the fact that nine months from now, Dave and I would be parents. At first we were terrified. We cried, hugged, watched Juno, cried and hugged some more. And then we were excited. We started buying diapers and baby clothes like you wouldn't believe. Planning for this new edition was what we lived for.

Once I was 18 weeks we were able to find out what the sex was.. A BOY!! We immediately started thinking of names. But of course we couldn't agree on ANYTHING! We just couldn't find that perfect name. We were looking at baby names online and came across the name Tyson. It's a cute name but we wanted to put our own taste into it. I threw out the name Kyson and we both instantly fell in love with it. :)

There's my baby Kyson! I loved him already. Seeing him for the first time on that screen was such a surreal experience. I was creating a human life inside of me. No pressure right? We started decorating the nursery and buying all the essentials. We knew we needed a lot but had no idea just how much. Everything from burp cloths to fingernail clippers. Binkies to infant bath tubs. Sure everyone knows babies require lots of clothes and toys but no one ever thinks about the little things. We made a list of everything we needed and man oh man was that list long!! And it took all 9 months to get everything ready.

I was eight months pregnant in this picture. Can you believe it? I didn't gain any weight and carried it all in the front. Seriously I bought all my "maternity" jeans at Hollister.. But I felt HUGE!! I really lucked out with pregnancy. I don't mean to brag but.. Oh who am I kidding, this is my blog and I'm aloud to brag if I want. I didn't get a single stretch mark and was at my usual weight the day after Kyson was born.. :) Anyways the other side of pregnancy, you know the medical part, freakin sucked! I had an awesome doctor and a not so awesome nurse. When I was about 6 months pregnant she lost all of my paperwork. Somehow it "mysteriously disappeared." I'm not buyin' it! So lucky me I got to do all that bloodwork, shots, and gestational diabetes tests all over again. And all you mothers out there know what the diabetes test is like. GROSS! Especially when your already nauseous and fasting for the stupid test in the first place! And if you threw up you had to start all over and I was not having that happen. I was determined to drink that nasty orange drink! Which by the way ruined orange tootsie pops for me.. :( So I get all caught up on my tests and find out that I'm RH negative. Great! Which means I have a different blood type then the baby. So in order to keep my blood busy with other things than hurting my unborn child I had to get an excruciating shot right in my hiney!! Ouch! I swear I'm not just here to complain about being pregnant, I have a point to this I promise..

There are exciting times that come along with being pregnant and hormonal.. Baby Showers!! My awesome family threw me a baby shower and it was a lot of fun.

We love each other more than you'll ever know!!

Ok my scanner is being tarded and wont let me upload the rest of the baby shower photos.. So wait patiently until I finish some other time :) Oh and the point of all the complaining will have to wait too.. So sorry! :)

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