Monday, March 28, 2011


The day had finally come for my husband to come home after being gone for 6 months. Long months! I was anxious, nervous, and excited all in one. I didn't know what to expect. People who had experienced a deployment kept giving me advice on how to handle things and what I could expect. Not to mention even the Air Force briefed all of us wives on what was going to be happening. It was hard to take it to heart though cause I just wanted him home!  I had my friend Jaclyn come along with me to take pictures, since I can't pass up capturing the moment :) and by the way Jaclyn is a very talented photographer! She has taken our pictures multiple times!! Anyways, I met up with a few other wives who were waiting for their airman to come home too. It was one big happy family! We walked and walked and walked to the meeting place and we were stuck behind barriers! Like we were going to charge the plane or something.. When we got there the plane was already there, sitting and waiting. They wouldn't let anyone off the plane for about 15 minutes. LAME!! We just kept waiting and waiting.

Look how nasty Kyson's hair is! Thats because Dave refused to let me cut it until he was home.

Kyson was so excited. He was waving his little flag around and freaking out every time an air plane flew by (which was all the time, planes were everywhere that day.) Oh and Kyson LOVES air planes. Seriously he's obsessed!
Waving to the air planes :)

Once they were allowed to come off the jet the crowd went wild! Everyone was screaming and shouting.

 I was looking so hard to find Dave but I couldn't find him anywhere! He was probably one of the last guys off the plane cause it took forever to find him. In fact I didn't find him, he found me!

My family is back together!!

This is what makes everything worth it! It was the very best feeling in the whole wide world! I can't explain it. It was like Christmas, my birthday, and Valentines Day all in one! Perfect!
Then after literally 2 minutes of hugging, he had to leave again and get blood drawn.. and I didn't see him again for about an hour! But finally we were on our way home and the next two weeks were ours!! I am so proud of my husband for serving in the miilitary, not everyone is cut out for such a hard stressful job. It takes only the strongest of couples to pull through something like this and we did it. We pulled through! :)

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  1. Just found your blog and have been looking back through your posts to get to know you. I saw this one and just got HUGE tears in my eyes. I am nervous, anxiouos, and excited! I have one month from today and can not wait! So glad I found your blog!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)