Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Music makes me lose control

Kyson had just gone to sleep and I was ready for some 'me' time. I got myself a bowl of ice cream and planted it on the couch. It's wednesday night, do you know what that means? American Idol was on!!

GO PIA!! :)

I was so into it tonight because well lets face it, Elton John has some pretty amazing songs and tonight they all sang his songs. But thats not the point.. I was sitting there watching and my cute husband sent me a text message, and I quote:
"I have an idea for you. Not sure if you're gonna like it though. We were talking in class about how good you are at writing and I was thinking you should do some. I think you should write a book. I know it sounds stupid but if you wrote a book about you like a biography I'd love to read it."
My respond:
"My life's not interesting enough."
His response to that:
Absolutely it is!"

(sorry Dave, I know you're in class right now reading this and I know I had really short text messages but c'mon, American Idol was on :))

It got me thinking.. Not about writing a book cause thats a lot of work. And lets face it, I don't have the patience right now. But I've been complaining to Dave a lot lately that I need a new hobby and I came up with the solution. Ready to hear it?

Wait for it, wait for it... :)

I'm going to start playing the piano again!! I haven't played since high school and I miss it. I was listening to music on iTunes on shuffle and this song came on:

I LOVE this song!! Piano music is the best and I can never get enough of it. So I figured playing the piano is a great way to keep music in my life, keep me busy, and kill time all in one! I'm sure I'll be rusty at first but once I get the hang of it, it'll be magical. Ha! So be ready for the next Mozart, DENISE :)
hahaha :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wichita Falls Retreat

Since Dave accepted a new job in the Air Force he's been in Wichita Falls for the last couple weeks training. So I went up to see him over this last weekend. One word:


We seriously had the best time! I went up on thursday and instead of a hotel, the base put us in a two story house! A garage, front and backyard, washer/dryer the whole nine yards! And only $50 a night! It was so nice. We spent our time eating lots of yummy yummy food, playing games, shopping, etc.

Thursday we spent the night relaxing and just catching up with each other (after all it had been two weeks since we've seen each other), so we just stayed inside. We spent the weekend acting like we were in high school again.. Ha let me explain before you start judging :) Sheppard AFB is in Wichita Falls, its also home to 5,000 new little airmen going through Tech School. Dave and I were really bored friday night so we started driving around the base playing truth or dare, which quickly turned into just dares. And these dares were based around messing with all the tech schoolers who, might I add, have to march everywhere they go!! So funny to watch when you know what life is like outside of tech school :) We got in a "fight" right in front of a bunch of marching airmen.. I was cracking up the entire time! HAHAHA...

We ate at a place called On The Border, its mexican food. And oh my goodness it was sooo good!! So good in fact I had to take a picture of our bag ha!

Yummm.. :)

We also ate at Red Lobster. I don't know what it is about every Red Lobster restaurant, but they SUCK! But this one was actually pretty good. There berry strawberry banana shakes are to die for!

Check out that massive strawberry!!

Later we shopped til we dropped and I finally found some Maxi Dresses that I've been searching for Forever!! The mall there is actually pretty decent. We went to this HUGE park filled with ponds, bridges, hiking, and trails everywhere! And they have this gorgeous waterfall!

This park was the prettiest park I've ever seen. No joke!!

It was a perfect weekend. Just what we needed! Its always so nice to get out of your own town for a few days, even if it is only 2 hours away.

Monday, March 28, 2011


The day had finally come for my husband to come home after being gone for 6 months. Long months! I was anxious, nervous, and excited all in one. I didn't know what to expect. People who had experienced a deployment kept giving me advice on how to handle things and what I could expect. Not to mention even the Air Force briefed all of us wives on what was going to be happening. It was hard to take it to heart though cause I just wanted him home!  I had my friend Jaclyn come along with me to take pictures, since I can't pass up capturing the moment :) and by the way Jaclyn is a very talented photographer! She has taken our pictures multiple times!! Anyways, I met up with a few other wives who were waiting for their airman to come home too. It was one big happy family! We walked and walked and walked to the meeting place and we were stuck behind barriers! Like we were going to charge the plane or something.. When we got there the plane was already there, sitting and waiting. They wouldn't let anyone off the plane for about 15 minutes. LAME!! We just kept waiting and waiting.

Look how nasty Kyson's hair is! Thats because Dave refused to let me cut it until he was home.

Kyson was so excited. He was waving his little flag around and freaking out every time an air plane flew by (which was all the time, planes were everywhere that day.) Oh and Kyson LOVES air planes. Seriously he's obsessed!
Waving to the air planes :)

Once they were allowed to come off the jet the crowd went wild! Everyone was screaming and shouting.

 I was looking so hard to find Dave but I couldn't find him anywhere! He was probably one of the last guys off the plane cause it took forever to find him. In fact I didn't find him, he found me!

My family is back together!!

This is what makes everything worth it! It was the very best feeling in the whole wide world! I can't explain it. It was like Christmas, my birthday, and Valentines Day all in one! Perfect!
Then after literally 2 minutes of hugging, he had to leave again and get blood drawn.. and I didn't see him again for about an hour! But finally we were on our way home and the next two weeks were ours!! I am so proud of my husband for serving in the miilitary, not everyone is cut out for such a hard stressful job. It takes only the strongest of couples to pull through something like this and we did it. We pulled through! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle, rather a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be.

As most of you know Dave deployed last July and was gone for 6 months.  It was so hard saying goodbye but I knew I would see him again. I couldn't have done it if it weren't for my amazing friends and family. They were so supportive and always there for me. The hardest part was being a single mother to a son who was just starting the terrible two's. I love Kyson more than anything in the world but dang I don't wish that upon anyone!! We knew Dave was deploying for about a year so we had a lot of time to prepare but when the day came for him to get on that plane and leave, it was extremely difficult.

The only picture I took the day he left.

Its not that I was worried about Dave cause I knew he was in a safe location but what made it hard was going from seeing and talking to him every day to nothing at all. I was so lonely! I had no idea what was going on. I cried alot that first week he was gone but I eventually grew numb to it. I was getting the hang of living on my own, doing things my way. I spent a lot of time hanging out with my friends, we did a lot while Dave was gone.


Baseball games

more birthdays

even Hair Shows

We were always having fun but it just wasn't the same without my husband. I'm so very proud of him for serving this country. Freedom doesn't come free! I love being able to say that my husband serves in the United States Air Force even though it comes with a lot of hard times and lonliness. He is so good at what he does! During a deployment you have good days and bad days.. We had more good days than bad but those bad days were a killer! I wont go into detail but I'm so glad we overcame them and we are such a stronger couple now. We had to trust in the Lord and put all our burdens on him. The minute we did that things turned around and we couldn't be happier with the outcome! I love Dave and even though it was hard we know we could do it again if we had too. If you can servive a deployment, you can survive anything! Too many people give up on their spouses while they are away at war, its a shame really! Only the strong survive :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Birthday Present Ever

Kyson was only a month old when we started looking at buying a house. I was finally up for a bunch of walking around after having surgery. The day? My birthday. We had the appointment with our realtor and went out looking. We looked at a bunch of houses and none of them felt right until we came upon this one:

From the outside it looked just like any other house to me. I was so tired of looking at houses. It was very repetative. We walk in and Dave and I took one look and fell in love. It was perfect!! Everything from the wood floors to the rain shower head. We absolutely loved everything about it. And it was even under our price range.. Score!! So we go back to the office and get pre approved, put down an offer, our offer gets accepted and we get approved for the loan all in one day! Talk about a long day. Its like this house was made for us. It was the best birthday present ever. Seriously who can say they got a house for their birthday? I CAN!! :)

We closed and moved in a few weeks later. This house has been so good to us. No major problems and the inside was completely remodeled just before we moved in. We really lucked out! Its the perfect starter home for us. And even though we love it we're ready to go bigger and better! Living in your own home is way better then renting. You can literally do anything you want to it. Its yours! We're getting ready to knock down a wall and its pretty pathetic how excited we really are about it haha :) We were truly blessed with this cute little home on the outskirts of town. A peaceful, friendly neighborhood for Kyson to grow up in is just what we wanted!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Children reinvent your world for you.

Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.
Day: Monday
Date: January 19, 2009
Weeks: 38

We were almost running out the door to get to our 38 week appointment to see our baby for the last time on the screen before being born. I lay on the bed and listen to my little one's heart beat and watch him wiggle on the screen. "I have good news and bad news", thats what the doctor said.. "The good news is that you could have this baby any day now, the bad news is that you have to have a C Section." Dead silence... "How about wednesday?" Holy crap wednesday? As in the day after tomorrow? We're not ready!! All these thoughts pour into my mind and all I can think about was having my first surgery wide awake! I had to have a C section because the baby was breech meaning the head was up but he was also doing the splits so there was no way of even trying to turn him. We agree to do surgery and head home. I can't explain the feeling of knowing you'll be a parent in less than two days. Once we got to our little apartment we disinfected everything possible. Next on the agenda, calling family. The news spread like a virus and Dave's dad and step mom bought plane tickets to come down that next day.

The next day we picked them up from the airport and spent the night preparing, relaxing, and talking. I found out some hilariously disturbing facts about Dave's dad.. :) Anyways that night Dave and I didn't get a wink of sleep. We were too nervous! But 7:00 rolled around and we were out the door to have ourselves a baby!! :)

Day: Wednesday
Date: January 21, 2009
Weeks: 38

We get to the hospital, get checked in and moved in to the prep room. I swear I got hooked up to every machine known to man. I had extreme anxiety!! I was shaking like you wouldn't believe and I was doing fine until the nurse made me drink something that was supposed to calm my stomach so I wouldn't throw up.. What did I do 30 seconds later? I threw up!!

His attire for the day :)

The time came for me to head off to surgery. The room was so small. It looked like an oversized closet. I get on the operating table, get my spinal block, lay down and get tied down... That really freaked me out. My legs were tied down and both my arms were tied down. I literally could not move! Then Dave was aloud in the room and he held my hand the whole time. All I could see was a blue sheet. Then at 9:41 am Kyson Deene Madsen was born weighing in at 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 3/4 inches long. He had such a small light cry you could barely hear it.

4 days later we were released and sent home!

What a stud!

When you have a baby its an instant love kind of thing. You love every inch of their body.

We took a little bit of Dave and a little bit of Denise and made a perfect baby Kyson!! :)

I miss him being this small!

After Kyson was born I didn't change a single diaper for the first week, I was too sore from surgery. Dave not only had to take care of a newborn but he also had to take care of his wifey. I love him! Kyson is the best thing thats ever happened to us. We adore him so much and can't get enough of him! He was born with really dark hair, as you can see, but it all fell out and grew back blonde.. Yay! :)

Ok so the point to all the complaining in my 'Surprise' post is this.. There will always be hard times that at the time may seem impossible to get through but once its all said and done it makes you stronger. I had a rough pregnancy but I would do it over and over again. The outcome of all the pain and sickness was so beyond worth it. I absolutely love being a mom to the most perfect baby boy, he is my life and I couldn't imagine it without him.

 I love you Kyson :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I think its safe to say when a couple finds out they're having a baby, every emotion hits them all at once like a slap in the face.. I took my first at home pregnancy test and those two pink lines showed up faster than I could even flush the toilet!! I was so shocked that I immediately took another test. Which now doesn't make sense since I had just emptied my bladder.. :) And once again, two pink lines. I guess I just couldn't believe it so I made a doctors appointment for the following week. The results? Positive! Can you guess what I did next? Oh yes, you guessed it. I made yet another appointment on base to get blood work done. After getting stuck with a needle and becoming crazy light headed I got the results back. Pregnant, still. So I finally made an appointment with a Gynochologist. "Oh my gosh, there's a baby in there!!" Thats what the doctor basically shouted at me. Finally I accepted the fact that nine months from now, Dave and I would be parents. At first we were terrified. We cried, hugged, watched Juno, cried and hugged some more. And then we were excited. We started buying diapers and baby clothes like you wouldn't believe. Planning for this new edition was what we lived for.

Once I was 18 weeks we were able to find out what the sex was.. A BOY!! We immediately started thinking of names. But of course we couldn't agree on ANYTHING! We just couldn't find that perfect name. We were looking at baby names online and came across the name Tyson. It's a cute name but we wanted to put our own taste into it. I threw out the name Kyson and we both instantly fell in love with it. :)

There's my baby Kyson! I loved him already. Seeing him for the first time on that screen was such a surreal experience. I was creating a human life inside of me. No pressure right? We started decorating the nursery and buying all the essentials. We knew we needed a lot but had no idea just how much. Everything from burp cloths to fingernail clippers. Binkies to infant bath tubs. Sure everyone knows babies require lots of clothes and toys but no one ever thinks about the little things. We made a list of everything we needed and man oh man was that list long!! And it took all 9 months to get everything ready.

I was eight months pregnant in this picture. Can you believe it? I didn't gain any weight and carried it all in the front. Seriously I bought all my "maternity" jeans at Hollister.. But I felt HUGE!! I really lucked out with pregnancy. I don't mean to brag but.. Oh who am I kidding, this is my blog and I'm aloud to brag if I want. I didn't get a single stretch mark and was at my usual weight the day after Kyson was born.. :) Anyways the other side of pregnancy, you know the medical part, freakin sucked! I had an awesome doctor and a not so awesome nurse. When I was about 6 months pregnant she lost all of my paperwork. Somehow it "mysteriously disappeared." I'm not buyin' it! So lucky me I got to do all that bloodwork, shots, and gestational diabetes tests all over again. And all you mothers out there know what the diabetes test is like. GROSS! Especially when your already nauseous and fasting for the stupid test in the first place! And if you threw up you had to start all over and I was not having that happen. I was determined to drink that nasty orange drink! Which by the way ruined orange tootsie pops for me.. :( So I get all caught up on my tests and find out that I'm RH negative. Great! Which means I have a different blood type then the baby. So in order to keep my blood busy with other things than hurting my unborn child I had to get an excruciating shot right in my hiney!! Ouch! I swear I'm not just here to complain about being pregnant, I have a point to this I promise..

There are exciting times that come along with being pregnant and hormonal.. Baby Showers!! My awesome family threw me a baby shower and it was a lot of fun.

We love each other more than you'll ever know!!

Ok my scanner is being tarded and wont let me upload the rest of the baby shower photos.. So wait patiently until I finish some other time :) Oh and the point of all the complaining will have to wait too.. So sorry! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

What goes with a perfect wedding? A perfect reception!

We held our reception in one of Dave's uncles backyards. It was such a nice evening too! What better way to celebrate the combining of two lives then to be surrounded by your closest friends and family.. and then some. It was a great night.

Our "SWEETS" table :)

The balcony was a big hit!!

HAHAHA they would suck the helium out of my balloons!!

I really don't know what happened to the rest of our reception pictures.. It makes me really REALLY sad :( But I guess the mental images in my head will just have to do for now :)

So what comes after the reception? The honeymoon!! All we wanted was a nice peaceful getaway where no one could bother us... Where did we go? Viva Las Vegas! OK we started in Vegas and made our way through Utah haha.. Even though Dave and I have been to Vegas many times before, we had never been together. And let me tell you, Vegas is a whole new world when you're newly weds ;)

The Vegas Strip

Next we went to Lagoon

We stayed at what was supposed to be a nice hotel, unfortunately they failed to inform us that they would be renovating during our stay.. There was literally stacks of drywall leaning up against the walls, holes in the walls, and just junk everywhere! It was horrible but it gave us a good laugh. We were too giddy and excited to care what the outside of our room looked like! We spent that night swimming (since the hot tub was also out of order).

The next day we went all over Salt Lake City. Which surprisingly was a lot of fun! We went to the temple, toured the Conference Center, then ate at The Roof.. YUMMY!!

We went back to St George for a few days and played at Sandhollow! Yay :)

I don't know what it is about having mud between your toes but I love it!!

Next we headed to eastern Utah

Our Honeymoon was so much fun and definitely memorable. It was a perfect way to start off as a married couple. But we couldn't wait to get back home so we could open our gifts and start our new lives together.