Wednesday, August 28, 2013

first day of school

You guys.. My baby started school this week! I don't know whether to be sad or happy about it. Of course I'm sad that he's growing up way too fast but I'm so excited that he's getting an education. He's being so brave about it even though I know he's terrified! The first day I dropped him off he was all smiles and I cried, right there in the cafeteria. haha I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones. It's now been half a week and he already tells me he doesn't want to go to school, that he just wants to go back to sleep. I'm in trouble! It's going to be a long year! But I love his school, I love his teacher and her aide, and I love that his class only has 8 kids in it!
Isn't he so handsome?!
I can't even describe how proud of Kyson I am! He has such a passion for learning and always has questions to ask, which isn't always fun for mommy but I try my best to stay patient! He asks a bazillion questions a day!
I just love this kid and I'm sad that I don't get the entire day with him but I'm definitely taking advantage of having the day to myself for this last month until #2 makes her arrival. Can you believe it's only a matter of weeks until she's here? #craycray

Thursday, August 22, 2013

33 weeks

33 weeks 5 days

I guess it's about time I update my pregnancy! 

- My whole body hurts! Aches and pains all day, every day!

- We're almost finished buying everything we need for this baby! She is going to be one stylish little diva!

- I crave nothing but chocolate!

- My hormones are seriously raging! 
- Reasons I cried this week: 
Dave didn't help me with the dishes after I already told him I didn't need help.
Taking Kyson to meet his teacher.
Watching the Real Housewives of Orange County.

- I've resorted to wearing Dave's basketball shorts, every day!

- Baby girl is a feisty little thing! She is not nice to my bladder. I think she thinks it's a trampoline.

- I've gained 22 pounds. I feel like a fatty. Probably from all the chocolate I eat!

- Kyson tells me how "giant my tummy is getting", almost every day! Probably from all the chocolate I eat!

- Sleep has become a thing of the past.

- I felt baby girl get hic ups for the first time in Relief Society on Sunday. It was so weird and uncomfortable and I'm pretty sure the girl next to me was totally freaked out by it!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

maternity pictures

 Here are just a few of my favorites.

These were taken at 26 weeks by my sister. She's just fabulous!