Monday, July 28, 2014

sunday funday

We took a day off from the amusement park life to relax, recuperate and enjoy some quiet time. We drove down to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. If I were to live anywhere in the USA it would be northern Utah! Temple Square is gorgeous!

We also drove to my brothers house in Kaysville and spent some time there with both my brothers and their families. Presley has a cousin that's just a couple weeks younger than her and it was their first time meeting. They're new besties for life!

We coordinated outfits. Ha!
Some of the cousins! Presley looks HUGE compared to the rest of them! And uh, devil eyes anyone?

It was great seeing my brothers. It's always fun getting them together!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


This weekend was spent poolside. The entire weekend! 
It was P E R F E C T!!!

Both my kids love the water. Apparently I gave birth to two fish because they are meant to be in the water! They can't get in fast enough and they cry when they have to get out. And if the ground wasn't cement they would probably flop around like fish out of water!

It was so fun and both days we ran into friends. The same friends both days! I'm pretty sure Kyson has a girlfriend. For life! After we spend all day swimming our norm is to stop and get Hawaiian Ice. My favorite!

I am loving summer this year!! We have had so much fun outside and it hurts my heart knowing we only have a month left of summer break. I'm not ready for Kyson to go back to school!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Presley: 9 months

-Presley has  s e v e n  teeth now!! The girl has a mouthful! We've been very blessed with two kids that have had barely any side effects due to teething. Whew!!

-Presley is now wearing clothes anywhere from 6 months-9 months. Unless its a swimming suit, then she wears 12 months. The little chunk!

-She officially started crawling on June 29th at about 5:00 PM. But who's keeping track :) She had a whole audience cheering her on, taking pictures and bribing her with things to crawl to. Grandma's iPhone won the bidding war!

-She quit sleeping through the night. UGH!! I blame all the traveling and strange beds.

-She's officially met all of her grand parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. She's such an attention hog!

-Presley went on her first long road trip (obvi!) and did amazing!! She slept the entire way haha. I'm not complaining!

-She went to her first movie! Granted it was a private viewing to Transformers 4 with no one but close friends and family but still! She slept through the first half and then laughed through the rest. I guess she gets a kick out of big robot dinosaurs!

-She took a spill off of a bed. A very tall bed! She was taking a nap and decided to crawl right off it! My momma heart had a slight heart attack!

-Presley weighs 19 pounds (56th percentile), 28 inches long (56th percentile) and her head is 17 inches (76th percentile).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lagoon pt 2

Day two at Lagoon was spent doing nothing but riding rides and playing a zillion games trying to win Kyson toys. We won so many stuffed animals that we literally had to walk back to camp just to drop them off so we didn't have to carry them around the park the whole time! We had the best time letting loose and losing our voices on rides!

To get Dave's step brother, Brandon, back from forcing me down that drop slide, I made him do the Sky Coaster! It's the ride where they strap you into a harness, hoist you way up in the sky and let you swing through the air! Brandon was so nervous! Payback. Ha! I loved it, it was such a fun ride!

crappy iPhone picture. 
To see a video clip go to my instagram, @denise_madsen

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lagoon, it's what fun is pt 1

After spending a week and a half in North Dakota, my In Laws and Dave and I all caravanned to Lagoon down in Salt Lake. It was a long, painful drive! We stayed right there at the campground in Lagoon in a fifth wheel. My father in law loves to spoil me for some reason so he let Presley and I sleep on a bed while he kicked everyone else out in to tents. I'm not a big fan of camping so I didn't even mind not sleeping next to Dave if it meant staying out of a tent. Ha! We spent the first day setting everything up and recuperating from that awful drive! Day two was spent at Lagoon A Beach soaking up the sun, poolside. Kyson was literally two inches too short for any of the slides/rides so it was a bummer telling him that he's too short. But then we realized that hardly any of the lifeguards were checking height so we were able to sneak him on to some of the big slides. Oops! He loved them!! 

I am not afraid of heights, but I am deathly afraid of cliffs, drop offs, edges etc so when Dave and his step brother convinced me to go on one of the drop slides, I about had a panic attack! Climbing the stairs was giving me anxienty and waiting at the top feeling the tower move with the wind about made me turn around and run down the stairs. But I held out and went down that stupid slide! I'll never do it again, haha.

We spent the day swimming, tanning, going down slides, playing with the kiddos and just relaxing with family. And even though I saw a full woman's boob at the kiddie pool, it was a great day! That night we played in the park! I was shocked at how slow it was in the park! Especially since it was the fourth of July. I thought it would be packed, but it wasn't which was so nice! There were literally no lines for any of the rides! We were able to get in most of all the big rides in just a couple hours.

Crappy cell phone pictures...

It was so fun being able to ride all kinds of roller coasters for a few hours while my in laws played with the kids. We love Lagoon!