Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm just like you, only PRETTIER :)

What do Texan's do on a regular thursday night? We party like a rockstart at a Miranda Lambert concert! Miranda Lambert loves to rock out in concert! She is such an amazing singer/song writer and she kicks butt on the guitar :)

But before she came on stage we were lucky enough to hear these two fellas also

Josh Kelley


Justin Moore

Why was this concert so good you ask? Because all three artists sounded amazing live! And they were fun.


We treated ourselves to a fine dining experience while we were there. Our meal consisted of a corn dog for me and a hot dog for the husband and we shared a bottled water! With complimentary ketchup :) We literally thought the hot dogs were going to kill us, they looked soo disgusting but we were just too hungry to pass it up! Next up Miranda Lambert!!

This is what every Texan wears.. A cowboy hat or a camo hat!

She is such a cute girl! She is so sassy like me, has pretty blonde hair like me, and loves attention LIKE ME!! haha But she sings way better than me :)
Well that is what our thursday night consisted of! It was so fun and we will definitely be going to more concerts from now on :)

Enjoy this

I love the girls in this video, this song and the '50s style! Ahh.. If I could visit back to the 1950's I would!! I love everything about it. Someone invent a time machine so I can go :) And finger waves are so back in style.. SCORE! The fifties are coming back baby!! Seriously check out these gorgeous finger waves..

Don't you love them? I know I do!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dave turned 24.. two weeks late

Dave actually turned 24 on April 9th, but since he was gone we celebrated over the weekend. Nothing big but exactly what he wanted. Dave and Denise time! Plus Kyson.. I didn't get off work until about 4:30 on saturday so it was kind of a late start. I got home and the first thing I did was blind fold Dave (he had no idea I had been planning his birthday night and I didn't want him to know what was going on). Once we got him and Kyson loaded up in the car I drove around town so he got completely turned around.


We drove around for what seemed like forever and even I got lost!! Ha. But we finally made it to a little restaurant that Dave had been wanting to try sooo badly. The reason? They serve Frog Legs!! Yep you read that right, Dave wanted to put frog in his belly..

Taking this picture was hilarious!! People were honking and yelling trying to freak Dave out.. It didn't work, my man is brave!! :)

We walked inside and noticed we were the only people there.. Is there something going on that we don't know about? Cause the roads were empty of cars too.. We ate our yummy dinner and headed off to the mall to do some shopping. Once we got home we decided to color Easter eggs. Ok we've been married for 3 years, together for almost 4 and we've never colored easter eggs with each other. Whats wrong with us? As the color tablets were dissolving I surprised Dave with this..

Yes thats a '1' candle.. Its from Kyson's first birthday and its all we had!! Don't judge me!

This is probably one the BEST cakes I've ever put in my mouth. Seriously it was sooo good! Before Dave and I got together he didn't have much of a sweet tooth.. Until now! haha he loves fat kid food now. Oopsies :)

Yuuummy! haha

Now we got to color our eggs!

We love kisses :)

hahaha you can't even tell what they are.. but I can!

After egg dying it was time for Kyson to hit the hay..  And you can tell he was excited about that.

Once he was in bed Dave and I got busy... setting up Easter you sicko's!!
And this was our creation

...I mean the Easter Bunny snuck into our house while we were fast asleep not aware we have a gun in our closet and set this up... :)

Easter morning rolled around and Dave and I were up before Kyson.. which never happens! So what did we do to pass the time? You probably don't want to know actually... But then we took a shower and by the time we got out, Kyson was awake.. Finally! Time for an Easter Egg Hunt!!

It was so freakin cute watching Kyson search for eggs. He had to open each one to get the candy! Yes, Kyson had candy for breakfast.. Once again don't judge me! But I made us some smoothies for breakfast..

and they were delicious

Wow this post is really long.. But I'm not finished so deal with it! Jk :)
Enough with the fun and games, its time to get ready for church. We woke up at about 9:30 and our church isn't until 1. How did we play for two hours and not know it? We still have no idea.. and of course we were late to church..

Don't we just look so good?

We made it to church and Kyson immediately went crazy on us.. It was so bad in fact that we spent the entire sacrament in the foyer.. We decided to leave after sacrament so we could get screaming Kyson out of there! Got home and took a much needed family nap and woke up to this destroying everything in its path..

Thats hail! And yes its as big as my phone!!

We turned on the tv just in time for a 'weather watch' announcement.. Not one but two tornadoes within just a couple miles of us!! And one is heading straight for us!! WHAT?? I have never seen hail the size of a tennis ball before in my life, and now I have to wait out tornadoes? On Easter? Ugh... Luckily the tornadoes turned and went around us but we had 5 different hail storms and it was damaging!! Luckily we have good insurance.. But who's going to fix our grill?! Ha jk. But at least we got the rain. Half of Texas is on fire and isn't too far from Abilene. So everyone has been praying for rain and what did we get rain! Aww the power of prayer :)

I think its safe to say that it was an interesting weekend, full of excitment!!

Happy Birthday babe, again!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Major Hair Crisis

Today at the salon (oh my gosh it was such a busy day) I was doing hi lights and an all over color on a new client. She just moved to town and was referred to me. So obviously I was trying to make a good first impression! I go to the dispensary and mix the color and while I'm back there a cat fight breaks out... I have never heard the F word so many times in my life!! I feel like I need to go repent just for hearing it! My poor client is just sitting in my chair with her five year old son witnessing the entire thing. I'm not going to go into details but come on people, show some class! I start her color and we are just chatting up a storm and the next thing I know I'm flinging a level 4 color into my level 10 hair! I wiped it off, no big deal and go on with the color. As she's processing, I cut her sons hair, shampoo her, gave her some nice layers and style her hair. Hi lights, color, 2 hair cuts, and a style.. Yeah! My new personal record of 2 hours for the entire thing! Go me! AND she loved it and has committed to me :) But thats not the point.. Once she left I realized just how much color I got in my hair.. Dun dun dun.. Its so bad! I look like a zebra!

Denise's hair=zebra print

My awesome co worker told me to wash my hair with Tide laundry detergent! What the?! In all this time doing hair how did I not know this? I just love this career. You learn something new every single day! I'm home now and instead of washing out this color I came straight to the computer to blog about it!! Haha.. I'm praying that it works cause it really will be a national crisis if my hair is ruined! My hair is what I'm known for :)

Ok this is actually from when I was in hair school eons ago :)

Speaking of hair school, lets take a walk down memory lane! I had such a fun time in hair school, I made such good friends :)

 Fashion Show

My besties, The Valley Girls haha :)

I had a great time in Hair School but am so glad its over and I've moved on to bigger and better things. I lucked out with my job! Its perfect :)

Man do I need pictures of the salon!

I really don't know how this blog ended up being about hair school but whatever, it works!

Stay Beautiful

Monday, April 4, 2011

He is Risen

Easter is just around the corner!! I started buying Easter stuff over the weekend like egg coloring kits, easter baskets etc. One of my favorite things about Easter?

Cadbury Mini Eggs

These things are so yummy! I can never get enough of them.. :) But Easter is more than easter egg hunts and candy, its about the Atonement of Christ!!

This is a short yet Powerful video!
 I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I believe in it 100% and am so thankful for the Atonement. Being able to have life after death with my family is the greatest gift I could ever recieve! During Conference yesterday I was listening to this talk while watching Kyson play on the floor with his toys and kept thinking to myself, what if I were to pass away, or even worse Kyson. I would be so lost without him! But I also knew that even if such a thing happened we would be reunited again. We're sealed together for Time & All Eternity.

I love my family more than anything. But putting God first in our marriage and family is the only way to have true happiness. Without God it seems like everything in our lives falls apart, fast! He needs to be the foundation in every relationship. Living as a righteous Mormon may seem like a lot of work to people of other faiths and even other mormons like paying a full tithe, no drinking, smoking, swearing, pre marital sex etc, but when you trust in the Lord and simply do what he asks its really not a lot. I know that everyone makes mistakes but hey, we're only human. All you can do it repent and learn from your mistakes. I've personally gone through an intense repentance process with my Bishop and its hard, but once you've overcome it, its like a blanket of pure happiness. And because of it, I was able to go through the temple with my family and I've never felt the spirit as strongly as I did that day! Its a feeling that I never want to let go of :)

Now ask yourself? Are you ready for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? If he were to walk into your house would you be comfortable with the way you're dressed? The things in your house? Whats on t.v.?

With everything thats been going on in the world the last few years, its obvious that the Savior could come any day. With the earthquakes, fires, deaths.. All the signs are there!! Dave and I are working so hard at staying worthy! In the end, it'll all be worth it!! :)