Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Falling in love one day at a time..

Dave and I actually met in the sixth grade, we were in the same class. So we've known each other for a very long time. Once high school rolled around we lost contact of each other (we went to different high schools, Go Panthers!!) Anyways we both went on with our lives and somehow came across each other in august of 2007 and immediately started talking. Ok we talked as much as we could since he was deployed in Saudi Arabia.. Since we had both come out of serious relationships we didn't really want anything serious from each other. Yeah, for us that was easier said then done! We would wake up in the morning and start talking right away whether it was through texts, phonecalls or instant messaging. We would talk until one of us fell asleep at night. We did this every day!! He got back to Texas in January 2008 and just a few weeks later I made that long drive to come visit him.

We went to a Rangers game and it was so much fun. I had been to a professional baseball game before but Dave hadn't. It was like Christmas morning for him :)

Here's a funny story, our first date!

As some of you know my car is a stick shift. When I first pulled into Abilene Dave had to get on the phone with me and give me directions right into his driveway. Literally! I pulled into his culdesac and he was standing in the driveway. I guess I was a little too excited because I pulled the E brake before my car had even stopped, so I slid into his driveway almost hitting him! And thats just the beginning of his first impression of me.. We said our hello's, didn't even unpack my bags, got straight back in the car and went to dinner. Where did we go? Chili's.. I make that 1,200 mile drive all by myself and he takes me to a place I've eaten 100 times. I was ready for some Texas BBQ!! Anyways we sit down and eat where? In the bar!! Why? Because its the only available table. Whatever we were starving. So we eat our food, talk a lot and watch the baseball game on the tv. Now here comes the funny part.. On the drive home, he's driving my car and we pull up to a red light. In my hand is the bottle of root beer from the restaurant and right as I take a drink Dave pops the clutch (on purpose) and what happens to all that root beer in my mouth? It ends up all over the dash board, windshield, me, and my cd's!! We both start laughing like we've never laughed before! And we just happened to look over at the truck next to us and of course they witnessed the entire thing and were laughing probably just as hard as we were!

Needless to say I had to take a shower right away while Dave cleaned the inside of my car.

I'm pretty upset that we didn't take more pictures of us dating, but there's a few we did take.


  1. You guys are so cute! Thad and I didn't take many pictures while we were dating either... and the ones we did take we can't find anymore. Really lame!

  2. So, I told myself the other day that I need to NOT follow any more blogs. I follow enough already, and it takes so much time to read everyone's awesome blogs out there, but I stumbled upon yours, and I have been stuck here on your little part of the web for the last 20 minutes just skimming through your posts. I LOVE your blog....AND you're a TEXAN!? How could I NOT follow just ONE more blog....



Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)