Monday, June 16, 2014

hair care favorites

If there's one thing I get a lot of compliments on it's my hair! I take very good care of my hair! Mostly because I went through Cosmetology School and I know how to take care of my hair, but that's beside the point. People ask me almost daily how my hair is this blonde and so healthy at the same time. The main reason is because I've never put bleach in my hair. Not once! When I tell people that, they automatically don't believe me. My natural hair color is blonde but I do color it regularly, I just don't bleach it. The color I've been using for the last few years is Wella's Koleston 10/0 with 20 volume developer. It gives me the exact color I want every time! I highly recommend this color line to anyone looking for a good color to use!

I understand most people can't get my color without using bleach so the next best thing to get healthy hair is quality, professional hair products! Not all hairstylists will agree with me but if you buy it from Sally Beauty Supply, it's not very good. Don't get me wrong I love Sally's but I never buy hair products from there! And never buy professional hair products from Target, Wal Mart or any other store open to the public. The stuff they sell is either expired or the chemicals were mixed wrong. Basically if you're buying it anywhere except a Salon, it's probably not great quality. Plus you can get it from a Salon for the same price, maybe even cheaper! I've tried some professional shampoo and conditioner that I bought from Shop Ko and I threw it away after a couple washes! It was so obvious that it wasn't good stuff. It was so watered down!

Anyways, my favorite hair care products to use are:

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of the Sexy Hair care line. Although Some more of my favorite lines are Joico, Kenra, Sebastian, Pureology and many others.

1. Healthy Sexy Hair Leave In Conditioner. This stuff is seriously amazing! My hair is so staticky when I don't use this. I use it every time I wash my hair which is every 2-3 days. This stuff takes the static right out of my hair for days at a time. It leaves it silky smooth and smells pretty awesome too. It's also made a world of difference with breakage. My hair is so fine. every time I brushed my hair before using this I would see hundreds of little broken hair strands falling to the ground. This stuff has almost completely stopped my hair from breaking!

2. Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth Encounter. I just started using this stuff and holy moly. I put a little bit in my hair after I wash it and then blow dry it. Seriously I don't have to flat iron my hair after I blow dry my hair with this stuff. And that is such a big deal being a mommy. Flat ironing is so time consuming! My hair comes out silky smooth and so soft. It's such a life saver!

3. K Pak Reconstructor. I use this once or twice a month. Just like your body needs protein to be healthy, your hair also needs protein. This K Pak gives your hair the protein it needs to stay healthy. I shampoo my hair, put some K Pak in my hair, throw a shower cap on and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Then I rinse it out and BAM! Healthy freakin hair! You have to be careful when using this or any other deep conditioner though. Not having enough protein in your hair is damaging but too much protein is also damaging to your hair!

4. Powder Play. This stuff rocks my socks off! My hair has no volume whatsoever! So I need all the help I can get. This girl loves lots of body in her hair! I sprinkle some powder in my hair, tease the snot out of it and it creates the perfect "poof" for my hair.

5. As a hairstylist I've always thought buying expensive hairspray was not only pointless but also a waste of money. My favorite hairspray is Aussie Sprunch. It holds great, doesn't smell like a grandma's perfume and its a pump rather than aerosol. I don't like using aerosol hairspray on my hair. Aussie is my fave!

6. Dry shampoo is the bees knees these days. To be honest I've never found one that I love! I'll admit that being a blonde in this department is a bit easier because we get to use baby powder as a dry shampoo substitute. Baby Powder works amazingly in place of a dry shampoo. I use it every day that I don't wash my hair. Plus, I'm a big fan of how baby powder smells. It also hides my roots really well :) And it's also a lot cheaper that dry shampoo. Hollaaaaa!!

So there you have it! Some of my faves! I'm a huge product junkie, I'm always trying new things. But over the years, these have definitely become some favorites!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Presley: 8 months

-Presley's sixth tooth just barely started to pop through! S I X! The four on bottom were a breeze but the two on top? Fagetabout it! They've kept her up all night for two or three days each! But my poor baby is doing great considering.

-We boxed up most of her six month clothes. She can still wear six month bottoms and a few tops but her sleepers, onsies and most of her tops are all too small now. :( Although I'm loving all her nine month clothes!

-Presley girl loves raspberries!! She loves her fruits! But nothing compare to raspberries! She's also a huge fan of ice cream.. oops!! :)

- She's now taking big girl baths. No more baby tubs! She also upgraded to a bigger car seat! The girl is a chunk!

-She wants to crawl so bad but she just can't figure out that if she moves her knees she'll move. She just rolls over when on her tummy. Little stinker! She is starting to scoot everywhere though..

- She can now stand while holding on to things. Who needs crawling anyways?

-She's definitely a mommy's girl. She gets so excited whenever she sees me. She could care less about anyone else and I'll admit, I don't hate it!

- She's learned how to smack her lips and it melts me every time! She also thinks it's pretty funny when you smack your lips right back at her.

- She's into size 3 diapers.

-She loves water, of any kind! Bath time, splash pad, pools, rain puddles etc. You name she wants to play in it!

Presley baby is at such a fun. freaking. age! We are having such a blast with this little chunky ball of fun. She is always happy and smiling, until she's hungry. Don't ever come between Presley and her food! The way to her heart is to pick her up and snuggle her. She's down with the snuggles! Momma likes :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kyson graduated Pre K!

Kyson's last month of school was pretty eventful. Each day they would pop a balloon as a class and it would have something fun written on a piece of paper inside the balloon. There were things like, Bouncy House's at the school, movie day with popcorn, snow cones etc. and whatever the paper said they would do it the next day. Anyways because of all these fun things happening at school, the month of May flew by! And then during the second to last week of school my in laws were in town. I am so proud of Kyson for exceeding my expectations for Pre K! He did outstanding! Going in to Pre K he already knew his letters, he could count to 100, and he knew all the basics like shapes, colors, and how to spell his name. Graduating Pre K he started spelling small words, he can count to at least 300, and his communication skills have gone threw the roof! Pre K did amazing things for my shy little boy. It taught him how the classroom setting works and how to behave in school. 

The first day of Pre K vs the last day of Pre K.

While my in laws were here they made sure to spend as much time with the kids as possible. It was the best thing watching my kids interact with their grandparents that they don't see very often. After our fun day at the Splash Pad we went bowling. It's one of Kyson's favorite things to do!

All the pictures were taken with my iPhone under black lights. Excuse the crappyness!
"Get these people out of my picture!"

We love having people visit us! Especially since we don't live anywhere near family. We had such a great time with my in laws and can't wait to see them again in a few weeks!

Monday, June 2, 2014

staycation with the in laws

My In laws came to visit for a few days and because of it, Dave took the week off. It was such a nice little staycation! We played the whole time they were here and the kids had a blast! It was Presley's first time meeting them and I just know they made a lasting impression on her. 

 I promised my MIL I wouldn't post this picture but I just had to! Dave and my new thing is photobombing people haha

We had the best day at the Splash Pad! Not only did we play in the water but we also flew kites and got take out! It was a perfect day!