Friday, July 13, 2012

4 years of marriage bliss

As you know, Dave and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary on Wednesday! We've had the best four years. We've had high highs and low lows. Somehow we've managed to get through it all with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts.
Let's reflect shall we?

 Dave and I started officially dating
I moved to Texas
We got married
Honeymooned in Vegas/Salt Lake
Moved into our first apartment (the most perfect apartment ever, I miss it!)
Learned how to shoot a gun

 The very first picture we ever took with each other was brushing our teeth... We're cool!

 Our engagement. That water was freezing!

We got married on a hot July afternoon.

 Gave birth to our baby boy 
Bought our first home
Vacationed to Utah
Vacationed to San Antonio/Dallas with my parents
 Dave, Kyson and I got sealed for time and all eternity in the St George temple
We introduced Kyson to the world.

 Family vacation to Utah/ Las Vegas

 Family vacation to Dallas/San Antonio

 Kyson turned one and took his first steps
Dave planned a birthday getaway to Dallas for me (took me on the shopping spree of my life!)
Dave deployed 
Kyson and I spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Kyson's 2nd birthday without Daddy:(
Kyson and I flew for the first time to Utah for Christmas (worst experience of my life) 
 Family vacation in Dallas

Sending Dave off on a deployment.

Spending the holidays without Dave and one very sick little boy!
(And this it the time when my camera was dying, for good!)

Dave came home!!
Kyson turned two
Dave, Kyson and I lived in Wichita Falls for 6 weeks
We experienced the worst hail storm of our lives on Easter
Bought a brand new truck for Dave
Vacationed to Sea World San Antonio
Vacationed to Kansas
Vacationed to North/South Dakota
Vacationed to Utah
Potty Trained Kyson

Dave's back from his deployment!!

Bought our first car together.

Family vacation in San Antonio

 Family vacation in North/South Dakota

2012 so far
 Met players and coaches from the Texas Rangers
Discovered what our city really has to offer
Went on a cruise
Swam with dolphins
Started our home remodel

 Met players and coaches from the Texas Rangers

 Went on a Caribbean Cruise

I love our life together! I'm looking forward to eternity with this man.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Anniversary babe

 We went from this..

To this..

in four short years.

I love you!
Forever and ever babe

Can't wait to celebrate :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Instagram kind of life

The last couple of weeks have been nothing but lounging around, relaxing!
It's been wonderful!
Needless to say my skin is flawless from not wearing makeup often.
The relaxing ends today. Boo :(
My hubby and I have both have crazy work schedules, house projects, and an upcoming trip to deal with. Life's about to get cray cray!!

Enjoy last week via Instagram.

 I made my very first baby blanket for my best friend. She being induced on Wednesday :)
(find out why Wednesday is such a special day to me later this week )

 Coming from a family full of military members, it's natural for Kyson to start those push up's early.

 ...we've endured many bruises because of this!

 Celebrating our freedom!

 I got sucked into Fifty Shades of Grey. 
Don't judge a book by it's cover. It was actually a really good book! Read the whole trilogy in a week..

 Triple Chocolate Cheesecake from my weekly Girls Night. YUM!

 Squadron BBQ for the 4th of July! 

Kyson will be 4 before I know it and I'm still putting together his baby book.. How slow am I?!
But look, I'm almost done :)

I just love Instagram and I'm always looking for new people to follow! 
Leave your username so I can follow you!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I've been tagged

On May 4th (yes it was totally that long ago and I'm just now getting around to doing this) Jazmine tagged me in a post to answer some questions about myself. I am SO slow at doing this and for that Jazmine, I apologize!

11 Facts About Me:

  1.  My eyes were blue for the first 8 years of my life. I woke up one day and they were green. They've been green ever since.
  2. I've let a tarantula crawl all over me before.
  3. I'm allergic to Pepto Bismal and Neutrogena products.
  4. I've never bleached my hair and I've never used high lift color on my hair.
  5. I once got pulled over for not wearing my seat belt, not having a front license plate, no proof of insurance, speeding and not using my blinker, and totally got out of getting the ticket because I had a "pretty smile".
  6. I've was run over by a four wheeler on a date.
  7. I have a fake tooth.
  8. I get told I look like Carrie Underwood almost every day. Yesterday someone told me I look like "the good" Paris Hilton.
  9. I have a bad kidney.
  10. When I was little my brother saved me from drowning.
  11. I've sang the National Anthem for an Air Force graduation in front of hundreds of people.

  1. What is the one thing you can live without? 
    Pets. I find them very annoying and gross.
  2. Favorite childhood movie? 
    The Lion King. I used to act out every scene.
  3. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 
    Pink. I'm just that girly!
  4. Favorite food? 
    Any home cooked meal. But I love me some greasy Mexican food!
  5. What is the one thing on your bucket list that you have accomplished? 
    I swam with dolphins!!! And I own a home.
  6. Do you have any fears?
    I'm afraid of fire!
  7. If you could live in a different state, which state would you move to and why? 
    South Carolina. It's just such a beautiful state! We're trying to get orders there :)
  8. First blog post?  
  9. Do you have any piercings? 
    Just my ears. I used to have my belly button pierced but it was always infected. Gross!
  10. Biggest celebrity crush? 
    Paul Walker.
  11. What are things in life you want to accomplish? 
    Travel the World! Have another kid. Rule the World! Live long and prosper.
    That's a little bit more about me. Aren't I just awesome?
    My son thinks I am!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

does your husband do that?

Wanna know how cool we are?
We pluck each others hair.
And when I say we, I mean I force my husband to let me pluck his eye brows and the few gray hairs at his hairline..
He enjoys it so it's not mean!

But to make it up to him, I give him a nice back rub.
And when I say back rub, I mean I sit on his back and bounce.
We're kinky.
And then I feed him frozen candy bars.

We were made for each other!
Cheers to us.