Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Birthday Present Ever

Kyson was only a month old when we started looking at buying a house. I was finally up for a bunch of walking around after having surgery. The day? My birthday. We had the appointment with our realtor and went out looking. We looked at a bunch of houses and none of them felt right until we came upon this one:

From the outside it looked just like any other house to me. I was so tired of looking at houses. It was very repetative. We walk in and Dave and I took one look and fell in love. It was perfect!! Everything from the wood floors to the rain shower head. We absolutely loved everything about it. And it was even under our price range.. Score!! So we go back to the office and get pre approved, put down an offer, our offer gets accepted and we get approved for the loan all in one day! Talk about a long day. Its like this house was made for us. It was the best birthday present ever. Seriously who can say they got a house for their birthday? I CAN!! :)

We closed and moved in a few weeks later. This house has been so good to us. No major problems and the inside was completely remodeled just before we moved in. We really lucked out! Its the perfect starter home for us. And even though we love it we're ready to go bigger and better! Living in your own home is way better then renting. You can literally do anything you want to it. Its yours! We're getting ready to knock down a wall and its pretty pathetic how excited we really are about it haha :) We were truly blessed with this cute little home on the outskirts of town. A peaceful, friendly neighborhood for Kyson to grow up in is just what we wanted!

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