Friday, February 24, 2012

work it, girl!

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that I had knee surgery last year. It's been such a struggle for me! I've been a runner my entire life. It's one of my many passions. I did track and field in high school and it's been so hard not being able to run. I went through some pretty intense physical therapy, 8 hours per day, and finally got 100% of my flexibility back. But I lost all of my muscle in my right leg. It's significantly skinnier then my left leg and it's not very attractive! 
The hubs and I are cruising the Caribbean in May and I refuse to have a funny looking leg! So I started hitting the gym hard and lifting a crazy amount of weights.. It's finally paying off! My leg is stronger than it's ever been and it looks and feels amazing! Now if only I could get a tan :)
I've still got a long ways to go though.. I still can't sprint but I can jog! Which is a big accomplishment since I could barely even walk!

Anyways my meat head husband came up with a fitness plan to focus on my knee and quads. The man's a genius!! It really works!

Work out part 1.

I hit the gym! 
I do three sets of each machine to target my knee and legs. each day I do 5-10 more per set.
Leg curls
Leg Extensions

I also do cardio. Spin and lots of jogging!!

Work out part 2.

I do these in the comfort of my own home.

 bicycle exercise

Fire hydrants. I call this the dog peeing one haha

 I think these are called leg lifts?


I do a minimum of 150 each per day.

It's not the most intense workout but it's getting the job done! My legs and abs are looking good :)
Bikini body here I come!

Afterwards I eat chocolate...
Does it really surprise you??


  1. I actually have knee issues, too from running! It has gotten so much worst lately. I put flectors where my knee pain is at night, where a brace, and take ibprofen daily for it. I may have to try these. I've been avoiding the doctors. :/

  2. holy crap 150 squats?? I can do about 30 of those a day! LOL that's how unfit I am. But I'm working on it.

  3. Are you freaking kidding me! If I looked like you I would eat a pizza for breakfast! But tell husby thank you I think my fluffy will like these workout ideas!

  4. Haha I love this. What's the point of working out if you don't give yourself a little chocolate? :)

  5. you are the cutest girl ever! and the chocolate thing is funny!!

  6. Work it girl is righttt! You look awesome I'm sure your legs are going to be looking spectacular just in time for your cruise! I love all of the exercised you posted I do them allllll the time and they really do work :] I am also guilty of chocolate eating after work outs haha.

  7. You're going to look fantastic for your cruise!
    I totally do the chocolate thing too! haha

  8. I need your kind of inspiration!
    P.S. I love workout plans that end with chocolate.

  9. Work it!!! youll look great for your cruise! I need to get on a workout plan & stick to it!! & I love the Giant Corona bottle in the background of your pictures :) you have come long way since surgery & got lots more to do!! keep it up :)

  10. first time to your blog and i love these pictures!
    especially the last one ;) chocolate makes everything better.
    -jes, your newest follower!

  11. cruises are so fun! we just went on one over christmas, and it was beautiful and warm! i need to start on a workout regimen like this-- good for you!

  12. Love the pics! It looks like you're doing all the right things (especially the chocolate reward at the end) :)

  13. Way to go, Denise!! You are going to rock :)

  14. You look great! And it's so sweet your husband put together a workout for you! So glad it's working for you!

  15. LOL Denise! I love the chocolate! You look great hon! You will look amazing on the cruise!

    ♥ Kyna

  16. You'll have a rocking body in no time. :) surgery is a danver's worst nightmare-

  17. Sorry- it "published" my comment too soon. A dancer's worst nightmare*. I'm glad you've picked it back up! Xo

  18. Hahaha. That sounds like my kind of workout...chocolate!! Haha!

  19. I love how you make sure you do at least 150 squats per day. I am now going to make that my goal!! They really do pay off! Thanks for sharing one of your routines, it's always good to see what other people are doing and that it gets good results! New reader : )


  20. aw how fun! and eating chocolate afterwards? thats a work out i can get on board with! ha

  21. Ok you're so cute working out! I wish I could look that good lol
    Work it girl!

  22. Hey Denise, thanks for your sweet comment! Recovering from the surgery must've been hard so go you for being so determined! You're gonna have so much fun on that holiday!! :) x

  23. WOW! You are such a strong girl! I bet that was tough (knee surgery) but look at you now!!! I think I need to try out this routine..especially the chocolate ending.

  24. What type of surgery did you have? I've had two knee surgeries and had extensive PT afterwards. Did you go through PT? They would be able to give you some great tips on gaining strength! Hope you get better real soon!!

  25. I love your shows dear. I can't imagine not being able to run. I was a runner in high school and college too.

  26. You are too cute. 150?? you go girl.

  27. This post reminds me of myself a little. I didn't have knee surgery, but a surgery on my shoulder last year. It was very painful und I couldn't really use that shoulder for a while, and working out was not possible. Just recently, I started working out again to finally get my bikini body back. Going to the gym and working out every day feels so good, and you can actually see the changes! I love it. :)
    And a Caribbean cruise?? I am so jealous.


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)