Thursday, February 9, 2012

this year so far..

Can you believe how fast 2012 is already going?! It's already almost half way through February, which means my birthday is less than three weeks away. February 27th to be exact. Mark your calendars :)
Husband and I have been crazy busy already this year and it's going to be like this the entire year. I'm so excited!

-I got a job in a fabulous salon in a great location. I absolutely love the girls I work with and it's such a nice salon. I'm staying very busy and have been able to meet some amazing people.
-Hubs and I started a Marriage Class and it's so great to hear from other couples that we're not the only ones with our problems. So many people go through the exact same things and it's so relieving!
-Kyson turned three!! He's growing up so fast. I can't believe my baby is potty trained and can start tee ball this year! Tear.
-We booked a Caribbean Cruise for May. OH my lanta I can't even describe how excited I am!! It's our first cruise and we have been working our booty's off saving a ton of money, we plan on going all out! Swimming with dolphins? I think so!

We'll be here soon!

-Tax returns! Need I say more?
-Dave and I have been working out and lifting weights getting our beach bodies in shape. My man has been hitting the weight room hard the last couple of months and it's really starting to show. I've always been very attracted to my man but seeing him with big arms and pecs... I'm having a hard time keeping my hands off him! I'm getting a lean, mean, cruisin' machine body, just in time for May! :)
-Kyson had surgery last week. He got his tonsils and adenoids out and got tubes in his ears. The poor kid is miserable!
-I turn the ripe age of 25 this month! I'm going to need lots of love, I'm feeling so old!

We're just so strong!

2012 is going to be the best year ever! And the worst, cause we're all going to die HA! Just kidding, I don't believe the world is going to end..
What are your big plans this spring/summer?


  1. awe sounds like a busy busy year for you, but o so exciting.

    I love reading about your marriage classes because it makes me feel like Alex & I aren't alone in the same situations. Thank you for always sharing.

    Does kyson pee his bed at night? We are having this problem with our 4 year old. He is great during the day but at night not so much :( maybe if u have any ideas id love to hear em.

    I am super jealous of your Caribbean cruise. We canceled ours because we didn't have the money with the wedding all in the same year n as of right now, no honey moon either!

    Congrats on your new job!! it looks like a beautiful salon!!

    Sure hope Kyson feels better soon!!! && I have to mark my calendar for your birthday. Maybe even get your address to send you a birthday card! :) Hope you have a great day!!


  2. Wow, only a couple months in and already so much is going on and planned! You look so dang cute in that first picture. I love that apron and congrats on the job!

  3. Such cute pictures,congrats on all the exciting stuff coming up for you :-)

  4. You are so, so, so cute, Denise! I'm glad things are going so well for you. And girl. You aren't even old. Hahaha.

  5. ha, love this post! so very jealous of your cruise trip. i really want to go on one. and i REALLY want to swim with dolphins. take lots of pictures for me!
    oh, and happy early birthday girl. i'll be turning the ripe old age of 25 next year :)
    xo TJ

  6. You're adorable!!! I have that black dress/shirt you are wearing too ;) Great blog!

  7. You have to be the cutest ever! Girl do NOT stress about turning 25 - that was a FABULOUS're making me feel old! boo hoo! I'm getting ready to be....27 SSSHHHHH!!! haha =)
    congratulations on your new job and booking your cruise! I am desperate to go on another cruise - haven't been since our honeymoon! I know we could use some alone time!
    Kyson is just a DOLL! =)
    Love your life in pictures also - y'all are so in love: you can just see it! =)

  8. I know that are you are excited about your cruise, but I am allowed to be too, right? Because hopefully we will get to see each other :)

  9. Ah I just found this blog - I may have to camp here a few days to catch up on your blog!!!

    We're getting married very shortly! Moving to the US (Tennessee) anddddd I'll be running my VERY first marathon! AH! Stoked!!

  10. You will love your cruise! My hubs and I went on one for our honeymoon and it's was wonderful. We loved scuba diving so much that we went twice.

    And 25 is a wonderful year. For me it was the year I got married and moved halfway around the world! You will love it.

  11. I ran into your blog from 20 something bloggers! haha I love it.
    I'm jealous about your cruise.. I wish I could be going on a cruise, get away somewhere nice n warm! Although I can't really complain, canada's winter has been insanely warm

  12. I just realized you posted on my blog! your from stg? I totally know your husband. I went to high school with him, and hung out with him and his younger brother! Small world! Way cute blog, im jealous about your cruise, maybe you should invite us, our anniversary is in May :)

  13. Congrats on the job! That salon looks so cute! Also, a Caribbean cruise sounds amazing! My hubs and I are going to Disney next month and are super pumped too!

  14. You make such a cute couple! You will have a blast on your cruise--my husband and I took a cruise as part of our honeymoon, and it was so relaxing and so much fun. No big plans for us at the moment--maybe a quick little trip somewhere for our one-year anniversary in July, but we're in hardcore saving for a house mode!

  15. You too are precious!! I am a new follower!! Do yall live in Dallas??


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)