Friday, July 29, 2011

surgery, machines, and electricity. oh my.

Tuesday morning I had surgery on my knee. And the worst part about it? It was done at 7:30 in the morning which means I had to be there at 6:30. Not my cup of tea! I am so not a morning girl. Needless to say I fell asleep before I was given any anesthesia haha. Happens every time! The whole surgery lasted 30 minutes, no big deal. I had a torn meniscus so the doc went in with a laser and removed about 30% of it. And if you know anything about your meniscus (which I don't) you'll know that removing any of it is not a good thing, but if you have a torn one like yours truly its even worse. So its a win/lose situation. Once I got home and was feeling good from my anesthesia I got started on my physical therapy. What kind of person makes you start 8 hours of physical therapy the same day as a knee surgery? Oh that's right MY physical therapist!! I guess its really not a big deal but still the same day?! C'mon!! Basically all I have to do is sit in this machine and let it move my leg around for 8 hours. Pretty simple but oh so boring! Also I have to stay hooked up to an electric current and have electricity running through my knee.. Wait what? Electricity? Yep that's how cool I am! I like to do things the extreme way, live life on the wild side. Its pretty cool, kinda feels like my legs asleep. Or a phone vibrating on my leg. Hmm what else does this surgery require of me? Oh yes I have to shower with my leg saran wrapped. I can't get it wet ha its sexy. But no matter how good I wrap it and try to keep it dry, it gets wet every time. I have to ice it, do exercises, and use crutches (even though I don't). I just cannot get the whole crutches thing down! Anyways, if you can avoid tearing your meniscus and having surgery done? DO it! Its not fun and very unattractive. But on the plus side its a surgery that is virtually pain free. No joke!

This is the machine that consumes most of my day. I don't like it. 
But if I stay optimistic its the machine that is going to fix my knee :)

Those little pads with the wires sticking out is my electricity(there are 4 pads each is either a + or a -.. There's your science lesson for the day:)). You can't see it but I have a little box strapped to my hip so I can control the amount of electricity. Just in case I want to electrocute myself ha I kid, I kid.

This is what the rest of my week is going to look like. So be a Good Samaritan and keep this girl busy via facebook, blogger, text, words with friends (blondemadsen), wordfeud (blondemadsen) etc.


  1. My mother-in-law just had knee surgery and has that same machine on her bed. It sounds like your recovery is going to be great. Just keep up with the PT and you will be good as new!

  2. At least you're pain free! I hope you have full recovery asap :)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)