Sunday, February 5, 2012

a comfy date night

This weeks date night was held in the comfort of our own home. The reasoning? One ornery toddler!
So after coming home from a busy day at work we decided that a toddlers surgery wasn't going to stop us from our weekly date nights. I put husband in charge of dinner and I claimed the duty of movie and a dessert. It was a great idea! Husband cooked up some steaks and I made a banana cream pie that I almost didn't want to share. SO good! 
For our movie we watched Abduction with Taylor Lautner. It was such a good movie but the ending was lame! I rounded up every blanket we owned and built us a fort in the living room. We watched the movie in style!! Comfiest movie ever :)

We're starting to get creative with date nights. Doing it every week means coming up with a lot of ideas.. PLEASE share some of your date night ideas!!


  1. So fun! :) I told Justin already we're making a fort for V-day! :)

  2. Coolest fort ever!!! haha so cute and so fun!!!

  3. Love the fort- so cute and cozy! Glad you had a great date night in! Kyson is so adorable- total mix of both of you!

  4. Love the fort! Last weekend my husband and I had a pizza date at home. We bought pizza crust dough and different toppings and caught up as we made our own. Could be fun with a toddler as well!


  5. oh gosh, fort date nights are honestly the best!
    i've been wanting to see that abduction movie but i heard it was terrible. but i think you changed my mind. i'll see it anyway :)
    xo TJ

  6. This is totally cute! I felt the same way about Abduction. At the end I was thinking to myself "where was this lady when he needed her?" She pretends to be dead and shows up after he's taken out the bad guys and says oh you can come live with me now. Awkward...

  7. What a FUN date! So easy but different! I thought of you Saturday because we went to see the Globetrotters- it was so fun! I owe you for giving us the idea:-)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)