Monday, February 20, 2012

3 days of being lazy + an idea!

My man and I both had a three day weekend.. Score! We literally didn't do a thing and it was heaven. Just what the doctor ordered (not really). Saturday I had one appointment at the salon, that ended up rescheduling and I wasn't upset at all! I was a little relieved that I didn't have to get out of bed, no joke I stayed in my comfy bed until 11:30.. just because I could  :)
My cute little family and I watched television Big Bang Theory all day long! Some might say that's boring, we say it's relaxing! Especially when the last month has been a constant go, go, go!
Sunday we ditched church, don't judge, you know you've ditched church before.. And I spent the entire day in my pink, fluffy robe! I told you it was a lazy weekend...

We did go on a little pic-nick which was so fun! We had a very rainy, cloudy, dark week and the sun and heat finally decided to pay us a visit! The weather was perfect and we took advantage! I was actually able to wear flip flops!!! After a week full of rain the first thing Kyson did was go down a slide into a puddle of water. Yuck! His little wet butt waddle sure was cute though :)

Please excuse my crappy camera phone quality and our pasty skin.. My dream vacation is just a couple months away! Time for this girl to soak up some rays :)

Ok change of subject... A few weeks ago I made my first craft and I loved it! All I wanted to do was craft.. But I had neither the time nor the resources to do it... So! I started throwing around ideas that once a month I would make something cute for the next upcoming holiday, season, or a just because craft. Then my little light bulb turned on and I came up with a brilliant idea! What if I do a craft link up on my blog? And that's where this baby came from:

My crafting button!

So once a month I'll suggest a craft, describe it and if you want to participate, make your own and share it on your blog with this cute little button? Or make your own and share with others? Then we can compare and get more ideas? What do you think? Would any of my lovely friends be interested in doing this? If not, then I wont bother haha
I need feedback people!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your 3 day weekend!!! :)
    adorable pictures from the park.

    & I think your crafting idea is great. It will give some of us the courage and motivation to craft. but maybe pick a date in each month that you want us to link up & share that way we kinda know when to expect & plan!!!


  2. Sounds like such a good weekend!! Sometimes you need those lazy weekends to recharge!

  3. i'm in for sure! LOVE doing crafts! this weekend i made a quote pillow and glitter candle holders / wine glasses! so much fun =)

  4. How do you get your hair into the perfect poof?! I used to be so good at it and for some reason I lost my touch and my hair does not poof at all anymore :( Well, the poof falls out. Any suggestions?

  5. I'm so glad you had a lazy weekend! They're necessary for a crazy life. And The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows of all time. I love the crafty idea- do one soon so I can play along!

  6. Crafting - yes. You could even feature some of your crafty blogging buddies with DIY tutorials!

  7. What a cute idea I LOVE IT!! I have always loved crafting and photography and had no idea how to incorporate it into a blog.

  8. That's a great idea, Denise. I will definitely have to participate! Love all the cute pictures! Glad you had a great weekend! Well hope you have a great day!

  9. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend :) Sometimes you need to just be lazy :)

  10. Our weekend was the opposite until sunday then it was full fledged no deodorant eat all day long kind of day. You guys are too cute.

  11. Just found your blog! My hubby and I did the same thing over the weekend - absolutely nothing! It felt great!!! :)

  12. Y'all are the cutest things. I think a lazy weekend plus a picnic sounds perfect! SO perfect!

  13. I love the Big Bang Theory! It always makes me laugh after a long hard day.


  14. sometimes you just need to have lazy days.

    come join the giveaway lovely


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)