Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Do you ever facebook stalk yourself? Or sit at your computer for what seems like hours just looking at your own pictures? Today was one of those days for me and I gotta say. I enjoyed it! It was fun reminiscing on Dave and my dating days, being newly weds, new parents and all the fun vacations we've taken. We're coming up on our fifth wedding anniversary and I'm happy to say we've done SO much as a couple in five years! 
I've always had a passion for traveling so when I married Dave at least one vacation a year was a requirement for me. Can you say spoiled? Vacationing was something that my family did a lot as a kid and it's something that I really wanted to share with Dave and do with our own family. Dave on the other hand thought traveling was a waste of money! What the? Who thinks like that? It took some time talking him into it and once we went on our first trip as husband and wife I thought I had it in the bag. Wrong! Dave still wasn't convinced that we needed a travel fund! It actually took me a few years to convince him that it was worth it and that seeing other parts of the world, even if it's just a state we've never been to was definitely not a waste of money.
Last year after months of begging I finally demanded that we go on a cruise. We went all out for that vacation and finally, finally Dave had traveling in his blood! He loved it! And now he's throwing out ideas for upcoming vacations!! We're both itching to go on another big trip but with a baby on the way, selling our house and Dave being in school it's just not going to happen any time soon. Bummer! But we do get to go on some get away's before this wee one arrives. That'll have to do!

 Mount Rushmore

 Las Vegas

 Zion National Park

 North Dakota

Sea World, San Antonio



 Cayman Islands




 I will always cherish these memories and I'm so glad that I was/am so pushy about traveling. Living in Texas has definitely not been my favorite experience in my life and I certainly haven't been hiding how much I don't like living here but I'm glad that we're surrounded by such amazing places! We'll only live here for a couple more years and there's still so much we want to experience before we move! Dave and I cannot wait to see more of the world and more of our own country.


  1. Great pictures Denise! We did a ton of traveling before Drew and had almost some of the exact same pictures as you! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I love that you put a picture from each place in this post. When you end up blog-stalking yourself, I'm sure you'll look back fondly on this post! :)

  3. I'm with 'ya girl!! I love to travel. Brandon and I traveled alot when we were dating {due to baseball} and vacations, but we also traveled alot when we got married. We haven't been able to go anywhere yet since we've had kids but we hope to in the near future. I love seeing new things...especially crystal clear blue water!!!!

  4. I love vacations, I'm ready for our next one haha.

  5. Seriously I can't get enough of you two yall are adorable!!!! Hope your doing well my love!!

  6. You guys have been everywhere!

  7. You two are adorbs. I love taking trips with my husband! xo

  8. You guys should come down south for a family vacation next year! My favorite place to vacation is Charleston, SC and I'm sure you will love it too!!

  9. I definitely do this often. You guys are so crazy cute. Awesome memories. <3

  10. Beautiful Pictures!:)

  11. Dang, girl! You've been everywhere :)

  12. Wow you guys have been to a lot of places! How fun!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)