Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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My sweet Grandma passed away at age 90 a couple weeks ago.

Having movie nights snuggled up to my hubby are my favorite. Oh and The Impossible is one of the saddest movies EVER! Even though it has a happy ending.

Throwback Thursday!

Finding out the little kicking machine in my belly is a girl! I was so happy I cried!!

Having a killer gender reveal party with some of my best friends!

Such a heartbreaking tragedy! But I loved this.

Baby registry! If you live in Utah I'd love to see you at my baby shower! Just email me your address at deniseeyre@hotmail.com


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. It's great that she got to live a long life though. :)

  2. Oh your Grandma looks like she was such a sweet lady :-( I'm sorry to hear she has recently passed. I had a really hard time when my Grammy passed away, and someone told me, "Now you'll have an angel watching over you." It really helped me grasp that she was gone, but still with me :-)

  3. So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma. :(

  4. Sad to hear about the loss of your grandma!! Hope things are well with you otherwise. Cant wait for you to pop out this baby girl!! I know she will be just adorable!!

  5. You are so cute pregnant!

    Love that quote from the OK teacher.

  6. sorry to hear about your grandma...

    but congrats with your little girl!!!! you are the cutest pregnant lady around!

  7. Sorry to hear about your grandma, she looks very sweet.

  8. :( So sorry about your grandma, it's so hard losing a loved one. Hugs!

  9. Congrats on the baby girl!! Having a mini me is the best!! Sorry to hear about your Grandma though. Maybe you can honor her through some name variation for your daughter. Newest instagram follower!


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