Wednesday, June 8, 2011

San Antonio day 3

San Antonio is home to Lackland AFB and its where Dave went to basic training. It was so fun seeing where he got kicked into shape and screamed at every day for six weeks :) Its a huge base compared to our itty bitty Dyess!! We stayed a night on base and stayed in the Abilene suite! Pure coincidence!!

We took Kyson to the bomb run so he could run around and kill some energy.. And everyone knows he's obsessed with air planes so it was a double whammy! It was family day on base so there were a ton of nervous little airman fresh out of basic training walking marching around with their families. Quite hilarious!!

If you look really hard you can see Dave and Kyson under the plane..

By this time we were starving so we went over to the most delicious place on planet earth.. 
The Cheesecake Factory!

All three of us devoured our food in record time I'm sure! And even though we were ridiculously full we still had to eat some cheesecake!

Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake
Oh yes I ate that and it made my belly so happy :)

I think at this time I needed a doctor because we were at a ginormous mall and Dave wanted me to go shopping.. I said "no thanks, I'm not in the mood!" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!! How am I not in the mood for shopping? I'm always in the mood for shopping! And the whole way back to the truck he was trying to talk me into going shopping.. I must have been that full to not want to shop! So instead we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns.

S o  c o o l !

Its 180 feet below ground and its only a half mile long! It was on a lady's land and she had no idea it was there until some college students asked to use her land for an assignment and came across it. Now its Texas's most sought after cavern!

We needed to get on the road home before it got too late. So we left but we weren't finished! About an hour outside of San Antonio is a small town called Fredericksburg. Its a little German town and its such a cool place. We stopped there to look through the shops and actually do some shopping!

Main Street

We came across a store called Sassy Lassy. We spent the most time there and had a blast playing with all of their stuff! We felt like kids in a candy store!

hahaha I don't drink beer or any alcohol, but Germany is known for its beer. Hence the glasses!

Don't ask :)

This little sign was only $2.00!! How great is that?

Alright now we're finished with our vacation! We still had 3 long hours of driving left to do and Kyson was not a happy boy.. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was perfect!! I recommend San Antonio as a vacation destination :)


  1. I think I started drooling on my keyboard when I saw that red velvet cheese cake. Wowsers. And please do join my "I Smile" Wednesday posts! They make my week happy every week, and I'm sure they'd brighten your week as well. Yey for smilers! ; )

  2. CUTE dress!! Have you ever tried the miso salmon at cheese cake factory?... to.die.for. Try it!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)