Monday, June 6, 2011

San Antonio day 1

Now that was a fun weekend!! The fam and I made our way down to San Antonio for the weekend. It started off rough though. Thursday night Kyson was dancing and lost his balance and dove into a kitchen chair. He had a mouth full of blood!! So sad! My motherly instincts kicked in and I was shoving tissue paper in his mouth. An ER visit was soon followed! We were the only people in the Emergency Room so it was a quick visit. In and out in less than an hour! But figuers all they did was put Kyson on an antibiotic.. Friday morning we made a trip to a kids dentist who we've never met before! He had to readjust Kyson's little tooth. Kyson fell so hard he knocked his tooth out of place! Got an x-ray and sent on our merry little way. FINALLY!! San Antonio here we come!
4 hours later we made it to our destination!
Our hotel was real nice. The first thing we did? Ate unhealthy food!! :)

We ate at a little sports bar in our hotel and these nachos are as good as they look!! We were way too sick of driving to go anywhere else!!

 We had to let our unhealthy food digest for a minute before going swimming :)
We went swimming in their awesome pool. Pictures don't do it justice! Plus I didn't take many pictures :)

 We always love swimming! Especially in an unfamiliar pool. Kyson didn't want to get out and neither did we but it was getting to cold so we went back to our room and knocked out! We had been on vacation for only a few hours and we fell asleep at 9:00!! We know how to party haha.. We had a big day in the morning and I'll blog about day 2 soon :)

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