Tuesday, June 7, 2011

San Antonio day 2

Ah Saturday! Day 2 of our adventure! We woke up to a perfect day with perfect weather, we even got to sleep in! That doesn't happen very often when you share a room with a toddler! We were craving Burger King (who craves Burger King?) and you'd think being in a humongous city like San Antonio it would be easy to find a Burger King. Nope! We actually never found one.. So we had Wendy's instead on our way to this:
San Antonio Temple
Its a small temple but so gorgeous! It made me feel at home (probably cause we weren't the only Mormon's on the block) :) It was so good to feel the Spirit so strongly!!

Isn't he sexy?! :)
Once we did our Temple Clothing shopping we were off to Sea World!! We got in for free thanks to the Here's to the Hero's program! Military personnel and their families get in for free.. I love my airman and I'm so proud of him, he is my hero! :)
Those are flamingos in the back
The Azul show was our favorite! So neat seeing the divers do their thing from that far up!! And with dolphins and Beluga Whales!! Ahh so cool!!
Must. Stay. Hydrated.

Where was Kyson when we were taking this?!

We headed over to watch the whales do what they do best! 
Fact: There are about 400 killer whales that have been born into the three Sea Worlds and the youngest one was right here in San Antonio! He was still in training so he wasn't doing any tricks, but he was swimming around aww'ing the crowd! And did you know that dolphins are small whales? I had no idea!!
Ta da!!!

We watched a bunch of shows, duh its Sea World.. Some brand new wave runners are on my radar because of this show..
Those are dancers dancing on water while being pulled by a boat!! It was nuts!

Look at that water!! We need to go to the beach!

We had the best time at Sea World!! Next time we're going in our swimming suits so we can swim! I'll keep that in mind. We got some cute souvenirs, Kyson loves his stuffed whale!

Day 3 is coming up soon :)

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! These pictures have me craving sea world so bad!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)