Wednesday, April 23, 2014

making friends through blogging

When I first thought about starting a blog it took about 13 seconds for me to push the button. Most people dwell on it for a while before actually making one. Not me! I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had no idea what I would get out of it. It was a slow start. I only had about 12 followers for the first couple months and then it took off. It's been a roller coaster ever since. Slow and uneventful and then it'll boom and then back to being slow. It's no secret that my blog isn't the most successful or popular but I've made some friends out of it nonetheless. I've even had the pleasure of meeting a few of my bloggy friends. I keep in close contact with a couple of them but for the most part I've lost contact with most of them and it really upsets me. Sometimes life gets in the way! It happens with me more that most and I fall away from the blogging world and when that happens, people lose interest. And to be honest, with Dave being a full time student on top of having a full time job we just haven't had time to do anything fun so I really don't have much to blog about. I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly but it's hard. So hard! I hate to admit it but I don't remember most of the blogs I follow. I feel like I'm starting from scratch! So to the few of you that still follow along with my journey, thank you! And please keep sending me comments and love. It's the motivation I need to keep this blog going. 

My very first bloggy friend meet up was with Courtney

You can read about our meet up here

Courtney and I actually met on Facebook and then became blogger friends. We were internet friends for a while before we actually met in person. We're from the same city, know a lot of the same people and we have so much in common. We were destined to be friends! I rarely talk to her anymore and it hurts my heart! She's the nicest and sweetest girl and everyone should meet her.

I also met one of my very favorite bloggers Paula

Read about our meet up here

I met Paula just by stumbling upon her blog. We hit it off faster than you can imagine! We quickly started emailing and then texting and then we realized that she lived just a few hours away from my In Laws. We just knew that we needed to meet! A few months later, we did! I love this girl! Kyson fell in love with her from the get go. She's his second love. I'm his first, duh! Paula has fallen away from blogging, her entire life has changed since our play date but I talk to her all the time. She's still my bloggy bestie and we'll be lifelong friends. She's a friend every girl needs! :)

I met Tiffany about a year later. 

Crappy picture but it's the only one we took

Read about our dinner date here

I love this girl! She's been a bloggy friend since day one. She's probably been my most loyal blogging friend. She's always leaving me the kindest comments. She has the best blog and she's just the nicest person. She'll forever been a friend of mine! We've become friends on pretty much every social networking site there is and I love following along with her life. She's a fellow Military wife and we have really bonded because of it. We can really relate to most things. Go follow this girl's blog. She's worth it!

Last but not least I met the famous Alexis

Ugh, my face is so chubby from pregnancy!

Read about our ice cream date here

Alexis is the nicest person I've ever met! She has the purest heart and the greatest outlook on life. She also has the cutest baby girl ever! I met Alexis because I was visiting my sister and they just happened to live in the same city. I miss Mesa! Girl talk with this girl is so fun. I wish we lived closer to each other because I could see us staying up all night chit chatting! I've lost contact with her since our date and it literally makes me want to cry! But I love following along with her through blogging, facebook etc.

Blogging has brought so many great people in to my life. I have a few more meet ups planned for this summer and I cannot wait to make more lifelong friends! If you're ever in west Texas look me up! I'm always up for meeting new friends.


  1. Thanks for taking the time and stopping by my blog. I love meeting bloggers and love your blog so much I'm your newest follower. Likewise I have met so many wonderful people through blogging.

  2. Blog friends are the BEST! It's insane the amount of support I get from the blog world!

  3. Yay for bloggy friends!!! :) They are the best.

  4. Awww yayyy for bloggy friends!!! The friendships are unreal!

  5. Ah I kinda felt the same when I read this. I've been following you since you commented on my blog last year. I sometimes go to leave a comment on one of your posts and then I get caught doing something. I've not really made any friends through blogging, I get friendly with someone and then they stop blogging! I took a little break recently as I didn't feel I was doing anything worth blogging about but I'm hoping my motivation returns properly soon! I love reading your blog and I promise to start commenting more :) x

  6. It's so neat how we've made TRUE friends through blogging! Now we need to meet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OK IT IS TIME!!! Seriously. Like let's just do this already!!! I actually think I might be taking my real estate test in Abilene, which would be in June sometime hopefully. So let's party!!

  8. how special!! being able to meet friends in person that you met through blogging. i'm in the same boat. i just haven't really had anything to write and life has been taking the lead over blogging. i'm hoping to jump back on the wagon. :)


  9. Baaah I love Courtney!!!! We went to the pasta factory together and she introduced me to the best pasta EVER!!! She's the cutest and the sweetest!!!! :). Funny we both posted about the same thing today sorta! Haha

  10. You know if we're ever in the area at the same time we'll always get together!!! I absolutely LOVE you and so glad that e got to meet in person. Your an amazing person and friend!!!! I've been horrible at blogging here lately with the move and all but getting a post up here and there!!! Love you lots babe and miss you even more!!!!

  11. Oh my gosh, what a fun surprise this was! It feels like aaaaaaages ago since we've met! Why don't we talk more? Ugh! We need to be better!
    I would love to meet Paula someday! And I love that we both met Alexis last summer! She really is the sweetest!

  12. I love all the blogging relationships I've made since starting my blog, but I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger in person. I'm glad you've been able to meet many wonderful bloggers!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)