Monday, July 29, 2013

Mesa, AZ

This was my first time to Mesa and it did not disappoint!  On our way there we stopped in Vegas and also at the Hoover Dam! I have been to Vegas a hundred times but I've never made my way over to the Dam and it was so cool. I love seeing new things for the first time, even if it's just something like a giant dam haha

It was so hot, 118 degrees, and so windy! It made for a very flattering picture! We wanted to spend a bit more time there but we just couldn't handle that ridiculous heat. Once we arrived in Mesa we played. We went to a huge candy store, Sweeties, the cutest baby girl boutique that I'm still obsessed with, swam, went thru the Mesa Temple, watched fourth of July fireworks, ate chocolate covered crickets, made homemade bombs (don't ask!) and even had a blate! We loved Mesa but didn't love the heat. How in the world is Utah and Arizona hotter than Texas?! Whatev..

My blate was with these pretty girls! Alexis is the sweetest person in all of blogland! I'm not even exaggerating. At all! I loved meeting up with her and her adorable happy little baby.
We can't wait to visit Mesa again! Next time it'll be during the winter though ;)


  1. I want to see the Hoover Dam! And the Grand Canyon. And a lot of things out west!

  2. I'm so sad I missed you visiting!!! :( Hope you come back soon!!

  3. I love Mesa AZ, we have some good friends that live there and the hubbs is from Phoenix. I always tell him I'd rather move to Mesa over AZ.


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)