Tuesday, April 1, 2014

weekend getaway: Dallas

Every year Dave asks me what I want for my birthday and every year it's the same thing. A shopping getaway! I originally wanted to go to Austin because Dave has never been there but then I realized that Dallas is just more family friendly! We had everything planned to go the weekend after my birthday but then Mother Nature got in the way so we postponed for a week.. that happened four weeks in a row! Every time we've gone to Dallas it's been crappy weather, so I was determined to go when it was sunny and warm. Four weeks later the weather was perfect so we packed our bags and headed out. We booked our hotel online and we thought it looked like a really nice hotel, so when we got there we were very disappointed. It was clean but very outdated and old looking. I thought we went back in time to the 70's! It was so ugly! So we made sure to spend as little time in the hotel as possible. 

A few years ago when Kyson was still a wee one we went to the Dallas World Aquarium and loved it! Now that he's older we were so excited to take him back. He loved it just as much as we did! He was so excited about every animal he saw. 

We had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the shark tank.

It was feeding time for the leopard and I'm positive that he wanted us for lunch...
Every time I've gone to any kind of zoo I've always been so fascinated with Flamingos! They are the neatest animal and obviously I love the pink!
 P baby slept the entire time but woke up as we were leaving so we snapped a pic just to prove she was there, ha.

If you're ever in Dallas make time to go to the Dallas World Aquarium! I like it better than any zoo I've ever been too! 
After the aquarium we took Kyson to Lego Land. It was kind of cool seeing everything built out of lego's but probably something I wont want to do again, unless Kyson requests it. He had fun but it kind of seemed like he was too old for it. The shop is what I really wanted to do. We bought Kyson a bunch of lego's that aren't sold in stores! Seriously Lego's, is there anything you can't fabricate?!

Dallas is one of my favorite cities I've ever been too! 


  1. Hmmm I have the same top!!! <3 love it! Awesome trip...you guys got to see some interesting animals!

  2. The pictures with the leopard are hilarious!! Glad y'all had fun

  3. How fun! Dallas is only 10 hours from us, we may have to make a trip out there.

  4. This is were we got married!!!! Love LOVE The DWA!!!! One of my favorite places to go when we go home, no other aquarium compares to it!!!

  5. Looks like such a fun weekend! :)


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