Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bloggy Bestie Blate

After our cruise we were able to meet up with my very best bloggy friend in North Dakota. I seriously love this girl, we are so much alike and the best part? Our hubby's got along GREAT!! Even they became lifelong friends :)
This is Paula, you may know her from Life's Little Lessons (read her take on our day together here.)

I can't even explain how excited I was to finally meet this girl! She is the sweetest, prettiest, funnest person I've ever met and I am so happy to say that we will be friends forever. We got along so well from the first time we spoke here in blogland, we exchanged emails, facebook's, and phone numbers all in the first couple weeks of knowing each other. Anyways, enough of our stalking each other days..

We decided to meet up at the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck. Which really wasn't your typical zoo. It felt like a glorified nature walk! There were ginormous trees everywhere, it was beautiful! There weren't very many people there, which was nice and the animals were very active! If you ever go to a zoo? Go during the morning/early afternoon, that's when all the animals are getting fed so they are up and around. It was nuts!! Not only did we see the cutest animals ever we also saw bears having a water fight, wolves howling, monkeys making music, and a tiger sleeping, right above our heads! Oh yes, this zoo was AWESOME!

I decided that I want to own a petting zoo, full of miniature donkeys, and baby goats! I seriously could not get enough of them. I would let those little goats lick my fingers all day if Dave would have let me :)
 Dave and Kyson inside the Prairie Dogs cage.. no big deal :)

 While Kyson was playing on the playground flirting with his new girlfriend, us adults were taking pictures like this.. hahaha SO mature!

After the zoo, we went to a mall so Dave could buy some weightlifting supplements... Really Dave? You couldn't wait until after our double date? ;)
We went to Grizzley's for some seriously delicious food! Kyson did his best at embarrassing Mom and Dad, and boy did it work! He's good at that. But you better believe that before the night was over plans were made for an arranged marriage with Kyson and Paula! Age just doesn't matter when there is that much love between two people hahaha

We were so sad to say goodbye to our new friends! It was such a great day, all four five of us got along so well and we are already talking about the next time we get to play. It is so relieving that there is another couple out there as dorky as Dave and I. I'm glad we aren't the only ones who have dance offs in the kitchen and harmonize with each other from across the house :)

P.S. Notice anything different? I got a fabulous blog makeover by the amazing Brooke. Thank you Gentri  for referring her to me. I'm in LOVE with the new look!


  1. Okay, you girls are both sooo cute and sooo tiny! Wanna send that skinny love my way this summer?!

  2. wait you had a kid?? LOL cause damn girl you SUPER skinny!!! JEALOUS!!!

  3. How fun, I met a bloggy friend recently and loved how well we clicked!!! Sounds like yall had a great day!!!!
    PS: love the makeover!!!

  4. Zoo's are fun!! And meeting blog friends are great times too. Paula is hilarious, love reading her blog too (:

  5. looks like you girls had a fun blate! I love blates!

  6. Okay, so I'm such a lazy blogger that I'm JUST reading this now, but oh my gosh- what a fun time!! You are too kind, really... especially by agreeing to let me marry your son- that's real friendship! I love how in the first picture you can totally see me crouching because I foolishly wore wedges and looked too tall haha! I miss you guys and hope you make it to North (or South) Dakota some time soon. :) We are total dorks and I wouldn't trade that for anything! Dance-off time is soooo on next play date! Love ya. :)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)