Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The other day Dave and I were talking about some memories we had of Kyson. Some good, some not so good, some sad, and some funny. I don't want to forget anything when it comes to my family, especially my kids. So this post is kind of just for me. I'm writing down a few memories that are engraved deep into my soul, ha!

1- When Kyson was about two he started watching Dora the Explorer. OMG he learned so much from that show! Show's these days are so educational, I love it! Anyway, every time the Map came on the scream singing that obnoxious "I'm the Map" song Kyson would freak out. I'm talking screaming at the top of his lungs, crying, trying to hide from the T.V., wanting hugs, and he wouldn't stop until you either took him far from the T.V. or the song stopped. This went on for months and to this day I cannot figure out why that map was so terrifying to him. It was probably the cutest/saddest thing I've ever watched Kyson go through!

2- When Kyson was just barely three years old he had his Tonsils and Adenoids out and he got tubes in his ears. Watching Kyson go through surgery is by far the worst thing I've ever gone through as a Mother. He didn't understand what was going on and why he was in so much pain. He didn't know why he had a needle is his hand or why he couldn't eat. It was miserable! For both of us. He had to stay overnight to be monitored and we had to share a room with another family who also had a small child who had his Tonsils out. It was a night filled with constant nurse's visits, crying and no sleep! Dave literally slept on the cold tile floor and I snuggled Kyson in the bed. Kyson ended up getting a fever so we couldn't go home until his fever went down. And his nurses were probably the worst nurses in the state of Texas! They never brought him his medicine on time and there were even times when I had to go to the Nurse's Station to ask for medicine that he was supposed to have two hours ago. Awful experience! But I'm so glad he had it done because he hardly ever gets cold's anymore and he hasn't had an ear infection since.

saddest picture ever

3- Around the same time as his surgery Kyson was getting more Independent by the day. Every morning when he would wake up the first thing he would do is come in and wake Dave and me up because he wanted breakfast. This one Saturday morning he decided he wanted to make his own breakfast, without waking us up. So he opened the freezer, pulled out some frozen waffles, put them in the toaster and started it. He had to of restarted the toaster a few times because Dave and I woke up to a smoke filled house. Those dumb waffles didn't stand a chance against Kyson. Our house smelled like smoke for days. And that's when we found out our Smoke Detector didn't work...

4- As much as I don't want to remember this, I think it's impossible for me to forget it. we like to tease each other in our family. It's from the heart but a lot of teasing goes on in my house. Kyson is usually the one to start it and he definitely handles it well. One day I think I just started poking Kyson and apparently he was not in the mood because he turned to me and under his breath he said, "I hate you!" I was speechless, I couldn't breathe, and I wanted to break down and cry right there. It was the first time Kyson ever said that to me and it definitely took me by surprise. It sunk deep! I had to leave the room to collect myself. Dave had a little talk with him and before I knew it Kyson was running into my arms telling me he loves me but man, I will never forget that moment! He's never said it again.

5- Kyson loves to pray. The first time he asked to say his own prayer melted my heart! We were saying bedtime prayers and he rocked that prayer. One time at dinner I snuck a bite before we blessed the food and Kyson about came unglued on me! He made sure I didn't eat anymore before he blessed the food. I'm so proud of him for having a relationship with our Savior. He's five years old and such a good example to me. He volunteers to say the prayer in Primary all the time. It's crazy that he does because he's so shy but he knows how important it is to pray. Love that kid!

6- When Kyson was three months old we were out doing some birthday shopping for Dave. Dave was at work so it was just Kyson and me. I parked right outside of Best Buy and it was during the evening so it wasn't too hot outside. I got out of the car, got the stroller out of the trunk and set it up. Then I opened the back door, locked the car and put the keys in the diaper bag, like I did every single time! Anyway, the car next to me started to back up so I shut the door just enough for the car not to hit it and it latched! With my keys, my wallet and my phone in the diaper bag, in the car. Literally everything I owned except the stroller was locked in the car! I panicked. There was no one around and I couldn't just leave my baby locked in the car. So I left him and ran in to Best Buy went up to the first employee I saw and said, " Can I use your phone and does it call long distance?" It was obvious to her that I was panicking so she just handed it to me. It's a miracle that I dialed Dave's long distance number right the first time because I didn't have it memorized. He answered while he was up on a jet fixing it, which he never answers while he's on a jet because it's so loud, especially when it's a number he doesn't know. I told him what happened and hung up. He had to borrow a car because we were a one car family at the time. When I got back to my car there were people standing next to it asking if that was my baby left all alone in the car. I wanted to cry because I'm not a bad mom but they made sure I felt like one. It only took Dave a few minutes to get there because he went about 115 miles per hour on the freeway and once the car was unlocked and Kyson was safe I started crying my eyes out. I felt like the worst Mother in the world. I've never made that mistake again and I'm so thankful for On Star who can unlock my car for me if it were to ever happen again.

I have so many memories of Kyson but these are the ones that really stick out to me right now.

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