Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet Sean Marie

 Good morning loves! Today's guest poster is the lovely Sean Marie from A mad girls lovesong.
She is the cutest pregnant girl you will ever see! You'll love her :)

Hello everyone! I‘m Sean or preferably Sean Marie so people don‘t misconstrue me as a dude. :p I’ve loved all the previous guest posts on Denise’s blog so I am super excited to be posting here!  My topic for this entry is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you.  It’s so hard to think of the funniest thing so I thought an amusing story about my first work experience. This might be one of those times where you had to be there to understand the humor but I will try and paint the picture for you. Before I begin though I want to add a disclaimer that this story is from when I was a very young, naive girl and my ethics then are no reflection of who I am today. Read on. As a young teenager I decided to look for my first job. A friend suggested working at a local pizza joint known as Dominos. He used to work there and was on good terms with the manager and put in a good word for me. I went in for my interview and was hired on the spot and asked to start the next day since they were so desperate for employees. It felt like a pretty big responsibility but I felt like such an adult and was so excited to begin! I was proud and knew my friends would be impressed once I had my own money to flash around. That enthusiasm quickly disintegrated once I went in for “training” the next day.

Day one: I wasn’t shown much and what was explained to me was a very brief and vague summary of the computer system along with my duties. I was to answer phones and take orders. It seemed simple enough and I was a very soft-spoken kid who didn’t want anyone to think I was incapable of handling my job so I kept the questions I did have quiet. Bad idea. Immediately I started screwing things up. It was football season and tons of orders were coming in left and right. We were short staffed and I was the only person manning the phones. Someone called and wanted pan crust pizza (which Dominos doesn’t have) so I assumed he just had a country accent and was saying “than crust pizza” and sent him a thin crust. He was irate. He called back, yelled at me, talked to the manager and we sent him a new pizza. I was really embarrassed but my boss was pretty forgiving. Things like this happened throughout my shift and one customer even came in to express his discontent. I was the only girl who worked there so it made it hard for me to accuse someone else of having answered his call. Finally the work day was over. I was so happy to leave and really wasn’t looking forward to the next day: Super Bowl Sunday.

Day two: I reluctantly went in but promised myself things would be better. Here might be the point in the story where I say I got my act together and did my simple job right but that isn’t so. I just became so distressed and overwhelmed that I couldn’t take it anymore. I hung up the phone in the midst of an order and walked out the door passed confused patrons and co-workers. My manager chased after me in what I suspected was an attempt to get me back, at least to finish the night, as he called out “Wait, wait!”. In the most melodramatic tone I shouted “Forget it, I’m never coming back! I suck at this!” Like a love scene from a romantic movie I expected him to reply with something along the lines of me just needing more time and how he really depended on me but instead he declared “I know! We just need your uniform back!” Oy!

So there you have it. In my teenage angst I couldn’t see the comedy in the situation but today I find it funny. I was such a drama queen and totally over-reacted. By the way, you should really consider ordering your pizza online from now on. You never know what genius you might get on the phone!


  1. haha That story is hilarious! I would have been tempted to walk out too!

  2. Oh my gosh! HAHAHAHAHA! I love Sean Marie- she cracks me up to no end! I am seriously still in a fit of giggles over "I assumed he just had a country accent and was saying 'than crust pizza'" Too too too funny! And I love the melodramatic exit, because I've totally done that too, thinking it would be so dramatic and that somebody would care... and then nobody did hahaha! This made my day!!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)