Thursday, September 29, 2011

girls don't fart.

I am such a slacker!
I'm really getting behind on my blog stalking and blog posting. So lucky for you I'm going to do one giant post right now to get all caught up! :)
(and my computer is still acting like lame sauce and will only let me comment on certain blogs.)

B u m m e r .

Let me just tell you about this stupid "conversation" I had with Dave today about farts!
Dave: Did you just fart?
Me: Um no! I'm a lady!
Dave: So if I came over there I wouldn't smell anything?
Me: Go ahead.
(Dave comes over and takes a good wiff)
Dave: I smell something..
Me: Yeah, you smell perfection!

*In no way did I, Denise flatulate at any time during this conversation!*

Moving on..
I started school a lot sooner than I thought I would and once again I'm on my way to getting my license. I am livid that Utah is requiring more hours from me!! It's such a nice school with awesome people. The school is brand spanking new and is gorgeous inside! Dave's aunt is one of my instructors and she is freakin' hilarious! Even though I'm so mad to be back in school I'm trying to stay positive about it. Its a never ending stream of education when you're a hairstylist so I'm taking it as a learning experience hahaha..
I crack myself up!!

Anyways, with Dave still in town we've been taking Kyson around St George to different parks and splash pads etc. Kyson is so not photogenic but we try :)
We went up to Dixie College to visit Kyson's uncle and this is what Kyson decided to do..

First he thought about it. Then he dove in fully clothed. And then I made him sit and dry!

We did all kinds of fun things. Ate good food, hiked, played bingo, ate food, played in water, went to parks, ate more food, went to the lake...

So to save us all some time here's the week in pictures!

We visited Kyson's uncle.
Watched the sunset.
Killed everyone at Bingo.
Played in Vegas.
Went to the Splash Pad.
And the park with super cute hair!


  1. Hahaha... I hate when Matt asks me if I farted. He did this in front of his PARENTS the other day. (And no, I didn't fart either.)

  2. Love your hair! And it looks like yall had a great time, I love the pics. Oh and head over to my blog, I nominated you for an award :)

  3. Is that gunlock??
    Looks like you've been having fun! And school will be over before you know it :)
    Download firefox and that will solve the comments problem!

  4. Haha you smell perfection! That's great! I'm going to use that!!!!! Lol

  5. LOVE your hair... super gorgeous! New follower:)

  6. I am so glad you and Dave can still have a good time together (even if it just for Kyson's sake). Great job momma!
    ♥ Kyna

  7. Sooo funny! Love all the pictures :)

  8. Did you see my post on Monday. I gave you an award. Go check it out!!! :)

  9. Awe you are so cute! I am excited to meet you Friday! You are still coming right? And tell me about school!!! PS. I am the worst ever! I still need to write you that guest post!!! I promise I will!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)