Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guest post! Meet Courtney :)

Hello girls and boys, but mostly girls! I'm doing another guest post today! Don't you dare shrug your shoulders because you will LOVE this next blogger Courtney! Courtney and I were born and raised in the same city, know a bunch of the same people, have a lot of mutual friends and have never met in person! What?? How is that even possible? I have no idea.. :) She has a great blog, with great post's and great pictures so be sure to check it out!

Hello new bloggy friends :) I'm Courtney and I'm so happy to be taking over Denise's blog today!
(Me and the Hubs)

Denise asked me to talk about my childhood. I realized I don't have any pictures of me as a child in my home, and what's a blog post about my childhood without pictures?? So I decided to share the music my parents raised me on!  My dad is crazy guitar rock star (honestly! You should go read about that here) and so I'm sure it's a given that I will always have a love for classic rock :)
I still remember the first time I heard of Britney Spears. I was in 6th grade and my dance class was learning a dance to one of her songs and my friend thought I was crazy because I didn't know who Britney Spears was. That name sounded completely foreign to me haha! But I was embarrassed so I started listening to "cool" music and found my love for N'Sync. :)
But I will always have a love for this music! And there is no doubt that my kids will be raised to love it as well haha! Enjoy a few of my all time favorites.

Bon Jovi (Living on a Prayer)

Def Leppard (Pour Some Sugar on Me)
Night Ranger (Don't Tell Me You Love Me) 
Aerosmith (Sweet Emotion)
REO Speedwagon (Keep on Loving You)

And now for my very favorite. There is a little surprise with this song that I'm NOT sharing with you :) You have to listen to it, I promise you'll LOVE it! (This is my secret adrenalin booster for when I start teaching spin classes.... I must really love you guys to be sharing this haha)

Scorpians (Rock You Like a Hurricane)

Are you rushing to iTunes to download this yet? Because you really should :)  Anyway, if you'd like to read more about me and the hubs come visit our blog anytime!  I love to make new friends :)

Isn't she cute? And like Courtney I was in love with N'SYNC! JC was my man :) Now go look at her blog!


  1. Haha I was so in love with Jc too!!

  2. Adorable! I love her taste in music! Classic.


  3. oh! I'm visiting your blog from Courtney's... you really do have an adorable blog! and Courtney's taste in music... one word... AWESOME. I was raised with the same music as well as some heavier music, like Metallica and so on... :) I'm a child from the 90's so I was born in the rock era! wish I was there for the 80's though!

  4. I love Courtney- she's the best! And her taste in music cracks me up... she's so girly and this music is so... tough! I love it! <3


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)