Friday, August 19, 2011

obsessions that lead to a dance off?

My master plan of a blog is inching its way to being complete. Until next time I change it ;)

But for now I want to share with the blogger world some things that I've been completely obsessing over the last couple weeks. And I mean OBSESSING!!

flavored water > water

Bruno Mars > everything else

Flyaways < Redken water wax

Little Caesars < Totino's

These are some amazing items. Things that I refuse to live without.. Until I find new obsessions. And can someone tell me why my google searches are all in German?! I need a translator to come undo whatever Kyson did to it. I prefer understanding what I'm reading! One year of German is not enough. Oh and another thing I'm obsessed with? Random dance off's with the husband. We know how to bust some moves. White people style! Its usually in the kitchen, with an unknown timing. Although yesterday it was in the truck to one more time by Britney Spears. With the windows down. We got awesome looks from strangers! Our dance off's consist of three things..
1) no coreography
2) trying to one up each other on our sweet moves
3)someone usually gets hurt

exhibit A.
 Dave whipping out his Irish Folk Dancing...

 ...but Denise one up's him with her Tai Chi moves!

 Dave then plays with her emotions with his Contemporary style.

It turns into an all out dance brawl!

Then quickly escalates into a hand stand competition!!


These are our normal days of dance! Maybe I'll video tape it one day so everyone can see just how awesome our dancing really is! :)


  1. You are too flippin' cute! I am crazy over those dance-off pictures- hahahaha! I need that Bruno Mars album. Like now. Your posts are always so much fun and so smile-worthy! Thanks for that. :) Have a great weekend, doll!!

  2. Oh, and P.S. I love the new banner- you're one gorgeous gal!

  3. Love the new page! You're so beautiful! I hope you have an awesome weekend and maybe enjoy some Party Pizza! :P

  4. bahahaha looks like you two have a little too much time in your hands! Your both hilarious, nice moves!! <3

  5. happy to find your blog! flavored water got me through college, i swear:) my mama would send huge cases back to school with me. which were great, but it meant lugging a huge slab of them up about five flights of stairs:(

  6. Lol thats too cute! Oh and love the new blog design :)

  7. You two are too cute! Love these pictures! And I adore Bruno Mars.


  8. You are beautiful Denise! I love the new blog look!
    {big hugs}
    ♥ Kyna

  9. I really need to try that water wax stuff;) Thanks for the tip. Cute pictures!
    Xoxo Sara

  10. Hahaha, so cute! I love y'alls dance off pictures! I think a video is definitely needed!

  11. dude I used to LIVE off of Totinio's pizza's hahahaha

  12. If only I could get le hubs to participate in a dance off...SO funny!

  13. Ha I love dance offs! Especially the white people status kind. Need that cd! Aaand a video of the dance off. kthanks.


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)