Sunday, July 24, 2011

girls just want to have fu-un.

I had the ultimate girls night yesterday. More like a girls day and night! My good friend Amber is about 8 months pregnant with a girl (is it just me or does it seem like everyone is popping out baby girls?) and we held her baby shower yesterday! SO much fun! I just love being girlie with my friends. She had good food including red velvet cuppie cakes!! I LOVE red velvet anything!! She had cute decorations, fun games and lots of friends there. I won a game cause I have an amazing memory haha and won a little prize. I'm amazed at how creative people are getting with baby gifts these days. Makes me want to have another baby.... in a few years maybe?! MAYBE! :)
Here's a nice close up of me face deep in a poopy diaper

Ok I confess it wasn't a poopy diaper. The game was to melt a candy bar in the diaper and I had to smell it and try to guess what kind of candy bar it was. A melted candy bar in a diaper looks exactly like baby poop!! It was disgusting!! But it smelt good. Haha..

My newly engaged Chelse!!

Later that night we let our red neck sides come out and take over! We went to the Abilene races. Saying that it was loud would be an understatement! Amber's father in law races cars so we went to support him. His car is awesome! Leave it to my camera to take nothing but blurry shots. I need must have a new camera!! I had so much fun on those crappy stands. We felt like they were about to crumble and kill us all. They were so old and worn down! I got to see roll overs, crashes, cars catch fire, and even tires falling off! It was great! Only red necks find that entertaining :) Which apparently there are a lot of red necks here cause these races take place every Saturday night at 8:00. Ha! When I got home I had lines around my face from where my sunglasses sat. Dirt lines, I was covered in dirt! And I had to wear my sunglasses until 11:00 at night. So much dirt flying everywhere! It was gross. I may or may not be a little too girly for that king of stuff. I do not enjoy dirt all over my face! :)

So cool watching them drift corners at those speeds!

My look alike friends Chelse and Amber!
Love these girls :)

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