Friday, July 8, 2011

Anniversary Week

Ok so our 3 year anniversary is on monday but since Dave is TDY right now we celebrated this week. Kyson has been with his grandparents all week long, 5 hours away. So what better time to celebrate your anniversary then when you have alone time with your man! Its been SO fun this week considering him working half the day, everyday. One thing about being a military wife is you have to be full of patience! They get thrown TDY's and deploymeants left and right! Since Dave had to take a class for two weeks in South Dakota we decided to make it a vacation and I'm so glad we did! Its been non stop fun :)

Monday: We showed our patriotic side and went to Mt Rushmore for the 4th of July.

Once we had our history fix we drove down the mountain and stopped to make friends with this guy

I'll let you know that he was this close to us, my camara was not in zoom! It was so scary but exciting at the same time. Bears are really disgusting haha they definitely need a good hairstylist to brush through that nappy fur! :)
But these guys were So cute!

Since we were on a schedule we had to say so long to our new friends and head to the city park where we watched the fireworks! We had the perfect spot!
Pretty roses and flowers were EVERYWHERE

Rapid CIty is the cutest small town I've ever been too. If you get a chance to pass through, DO IT!!

Happy 4th of July

Tuesday: We went to Fuddruckers, did some shopping and went to a movie.

Yummy Fuddruckers. Their Taco Salads are to die for!

This is how we do our shopping.. acting like kids and trying to embarass each other!

...and singing and dancing in the car to Katy Perry :)

Wednesday: We went to an indoor waterpark called Wa Tiki Waterpark and ate dinner at a 1940's style diner. And if you know me you know that I have a slight obsession with the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

So fun

This little park kept smiles on our faces

and it had a real pretty river to float down

We went home and got beautified so we could go to dinner.

What happens when you share a milk shake with your hubby?

This happens! You get whip cream on your nose!

I'm making myself hungry...

This diner was so cool. Each table had a little juke box, and we took advantage of it! Who doesn't love listening to the Beach Boys?! Our waitress was dressed up in a poodle skirt and the decor was just perfect! I seriously love seeing what my grandparents grew up in!

Thursday: We went to a place that was probably made for kids but we had a lot of fun. I don't remember the name of it..

 We went rock climbing.
We also did:
This weird basketball game. If you pay attention to the backboards you'll notice how jacked up they are. You have to stand in a circle and bounce the ball off the rim into the hoop. It was SO hard and SO funny!
Then we had an amature dunk contest!


We had a water balloon fight but didn't get any pictures of that and we hit up the batting cages.

Look at that form!

Next up is mini golf..
mini golfs Vanna White! HA!

haha don't ask..
I just need to put this out on the record that I made a hole in one on a sloped green. Oh yes I'm that awesome! :)

Today is friday and all we're doing today is making a five hour drive back up to North Dakota to get my baby boy! I miss him so much and I'm so excited to play with my Kyson again. Sorry for all the massive posts lately but we've got a lot of ground to cover in a short time. I figured a couple ginormous ones was better then a hundred little ones. If you don't like it, deal with it!! ha :)

Love you guys!!

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