Sunday, May 15, 2011

week in review

I had a great Mother's Day! Dave let me sleep in, he took care of Kyson, made me breakfast and gave me a massage! I got spoiled, as usual :) My in laws were in town and we had a lot of fun. Dave got to meet his new adopted brother Gavin (I met him last december) and it was fun getting to know him better. We welcomed the newest member of our family on May 7th. My brother Tim and his wife Brianne had a baby girl and she is precious! I can't get over her awesome hair! The only downside to this week was finding out I have to get knee surgery.. Boo.. :(

 Lots of yummy food, Games, the flight line, shopping, and of course a ton of pictures!!


We ate at Johnny Carinos, they have the best homemade Cream Soda!! We ate here the night of our wedding.. Everyone is starving after a long day of tying the knot!! ;)

We played Just Dance 2 which is always hilarious! I think I get a better ab work out watching cause I laugh so hard!! I couldn't dance cause of my knee.. :( Dave really knows how to put on a show :) And we played lots of card games, my favorite is Skip Bo.


The famous B-1! We took pictures even though we weren't supposed too..

I didn't take pictures of us shopping, obviously! But we did get some real pretty pictures of the sunset yesterday :)

Gorgeous right?!

I'm a sucker for sunsets :)

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