Thursday, May 5, 2011

So much for being debt free..

Dave and I welcomed the newest member to our family yesterday. We bought a new truck and Dave is on cloud 9!! He loves it! And it wasn't easy to find.. Dave refused to settle for anything less than exactly what he wanted, of course. He's so spoiled :) We found it, test drove it, and got our loan while battling a screaming toddler. I'm pretty sure every salesman in the building was bringing him toys to try and cheer him up.. I think its safe to say that they never want to see us again for that reason :) This truck has so much to offer like, OnStar (which is freaking awesome), its own phone number, keyless entry, and we bought it with only 4 miles on it!! We got it for an amazing price too! About $10,000 off!! Just one of the many perks for being in the military :) Then we changed insurance companies and found out Allstate was screwing us over! Figures!! Its not often you buy a brand new truck and your monthly insurance payment drops $100.. Good idea it was buying a new truck :) Buying a car is always an exciting yet scary thing. I've purchased a car on my own before so I knew what to expect but Dave was just so excited it was cute! My car has been paid off for almost a year now so I'm not too excited about having a new car payment but we needed a new truck, seriously! Dave's old truck was on its last stretch of life... barely! I hated that thing, it was such an eye soar! But thanks to Dave Ramsey we'll have it paid off in no time!!

Well, here it is!!

2011 Chevy Silverado Texas Edition
So nice :)
Dave had to give his new baby a hug!! I think I may have been replaced..

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