Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dave + Denise

We're in love

I had such a hard time being at work today.. The reason? I missed my husband! I didn't want to be working or doing anything but spending time with him. I got to thinking about everything I love about him and thought I'd share.. :)

25 things I love about Dave
-He's smokin hot
-He's the best father to Kyson
-He's a very hard worker
-He's so smart
-He's a Priesthood holder
-Our sense's of humor are identical
-He spoils me
-And he adores me
-He takes me shopping
-He tells me I'm beautiful
-He plays with my hair
-He makes me laugh
-He lets me take a gazillion pictures
-He has perfect teeth
-And a nice butt
-He loves sports
-He tickles my back every night
-He's an amazing artist
-And a good cook
-He cuts the fat off of meat so I don't have to touch it
-He vacuums
-He surprises me at work
-He looks hot in his uniform
-He gets along so well with my family
-He's faithful to me

I had Dave come up with 25 things he loves about me

25 things I love about Denise
-Her sense of humor, its identical to mine
-Her sense of fashion, she always looks nice. Even in pajamas!
-Her bright blonde, well taken care of, smooth hair
-Her passion and determination towards things she wants
-Her cleanliness, everything is in order
-Her dantiness and girly attitude
-She is book smart with English and everything else, even as a blonde:)
-She supports me and is very tough on me when i get weak, it drives me through
-she's always at my side to show me her support, especially at AF functions
-She's the most beautiful little mommy ever
-I love when she plays with Kyson
-I love even more watching her love him better after an "owie" or a bad dream
-How she can drag on stupid jokes with me for far too long
-How family is so important to her
-She loves when I tickle her face while she falls asleep, it's my favorite
-She puts up with my talks of "big plans" that may never even happen
-She gives the best haircuts I've ever had, and almost every week
-Her wit when we fight, she can talk some major crap
-She's a wiz at video games, but I kick her butt at "Just Dance"
-We take pictures EVERWHERE we go, but we always have the memories
-Her take on life is it should be fun!
-She has awesome taste in music (girly but good)
-She has quite a breath taking voice of her own
-She is so far beyond gorgeous, she's a "smoking bombshell"
-I'll never get tired of that smile and those beautiful eyes 

Aren't we cute? :)

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