Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A few weeks ago my friend and I decided we wanted to throw a kids Halloween party this year. We started planning and well to be honest, she did 99% of the work! I was just too busy and I'm not the best party planner. I feel terrible that it was all on her shoulders but I get points for helping her clean up right? Anyways, it was a cute party with a lot of little kids running around. Every kid that is, except my kid. Kyson is seriously so against Halloween. It's breaks my heart! But he had fun drawing all over the sidewalk with chalk.

 Cutest monster ever. If I ever have a daughter I just pray that she's half as cute as this girl! She's my buddy that loves giving me hugs every time I see her. It makes my heart happy :)
 If you really want a good laugh, get a bunch of kids together for a donut eating contest!
I was crying from laughing so hard! This picture cracks me up.
 The not so brave Iron Man. Kyson was being anti social!
Our sad attempt at dressing up this year. We were kind of lazy..

Is anyone else getting tired of Halloween posts? I am so over it haha too bad I'm not finished with them though.. ;)


  1. Im not much of a Halloween person, I guess if we had kids it would be different. But I enjoy hearing about everyone else's Halloween.

  2. Awww, I love that y'all threw a party!! I wanted to have one this year, but we just never got around to it. Lazy!!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)