Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat

I promise this is the last Halloween post you'll be seeing from me!

So Dave and I took Kyson up on base to go trick or treating this year. We met up with a few of our friends and took the kids up to where the Commander lives and all the Colonels live. Meaning the good stuff! Kyson got tons of candy and the adults? We got BBQ's left and right. Those Commanders really know how to do trick or treating! Kyson was so extremely shy that he refused to say trick or treat to anyone and every time they thought it was cute and gave him even more candy. Candy that Kyson wont eat. Kyson doesn't like candy, unless its M&M's.. My kid is from another planet..

 This is how we force Kyson to take a picture..
 The only picture with all the girls in it.. Haha me, Whitney(white shirt) and Alexis(black shirt). Dave was in charge of the camera..
See what I mean about him being shy? He made me do all the work! By the end of the night he was mumbling 'trick or treat' as quietly as he possibly could. The kid hates human interaction with anyone over the age of 5.

It was a fun night getting together with some of my best friends and their families. There was laughing, food, girl talk, guy talk and walking around getting exercise all in one night!



  1. Wait until he gets older then you get the I don't smile correctly I make faces in pictures. Even the school pictures.

  2. I remember being so shy when I was little, he'll grow out of it soon. With as out going as you and your husband are, he's bound to.

  3. So fun!! I can't wait to have kids and take them trick-or-treating and dress them up! :) Your little man looks so cute!


  4. Awww so cute! I'd give him extra candy too if he came to my door.

  5. I cannot believe your kid doesn't like candy!I kind of hope mine is the same way, though- then I get it all!

  6. Kyson looks so cute!! I can't believe he doesn't like candy... that is too funny! That just means more for mom and dad, right? :)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)