Monday, October 15, 2012

if you really knew us

I keep seeing this floating around blog land and really wanted to give it a go. And then I kept forgetting..
Until now!

If you really knew me..

You'd know that I'm the most sarcastic person in the world. The. Entire. World.
You'd know that I'm kind of a fashionista.
You'd know that my Faith and beliefs mean the world to me and nothing you do or say will change that.
You'd know that I'm very Independent.
You'd also know that I can't stand being wrong, in any way!
I'm very stubborn!
You'd know that I said no when my husband asked me to marry him the first time.
You'd know that I can get shots all day long but when it comes to getting blood drawn, I'm a big baby.
You'd know that I can't sleep if my husband is touching me at all, and I can't be face to face with him while sleeping either.
You'd know that I love having things between my toes.
You'd know that I'm really good at rapping, even though I don't like rap.
You'd know that I polish all the stainless steel in my kitchen every time I do the dishes.
You'd know that it took me all 4 years of marriage to finally truly fall in love with my hubby
But I am very, very deeply in love with him :)

If you really knew Dave..
You'd know that he loves his job and is the hardest worker I have ever seen.
You'd know he's a die hard BYU fan.
You'd know that he's not afraid to embarrass me in public. Like talking about sex in front of cashiers just to make me go bright red.
You'd know that he knows everything about engines.
You'd know that he's very book smart, especially about history.
You'd know that he has the most perfect butt out there :)
You'd know he loves taking me shopping! (which is awesome)
You'd know he's a natural at playing sports.
You'd know he's a hopeless romantic.
You'd know he doesn't complain about anything!
You'd know that he's the most amazing father to our cute little boy.
You'd know he has killer road rage!!
You'd also know that he can make me laugh no matter how pissed off I am!

If you really knew us..
You'd know that we are very immature around each other!
You'd know we can keep a joke going on and on and on for days, weeks, YEARS!
You'd know that we can look at each other and know exactly what the other person's thinking. It's kind of creepy actually.
You'd know that we have a dirty sense of humor around each other.
You'd know we back each other up 100% of the time, no matter what!
You'd know we disagree on most things.
You'd know its a rule in our house to dance every time the Packers make a touchdown.
You'd know our nicknames for each other are Testie Bestie and Breastie Bestie (like I said, immature)
You'd know we like to mess with the person at the drive thru.
You'd know that our real wedding took place 3 days after getting engaged. We kind of eloped.
You'd know how often our conversations are all about making the other person uncomfortable (pooping, periods, pregnancy juices) We really do have issues!
You'd know that God is the center of our marriage! Always!


  1. I haven't Blogged in a while, but girl I absolutely LOVE your hair in the first picture. Hoping you're doing GREAT!!!

  2. Love this! Pretty much all of them made me laugh, hehe :)

  3. You two sound like such a fun couple!

  4. It makes me feel so much better to know that my husband isn't the only person that refuses to sleep face to face. I thought he was crazy! haha :)

  5. So cute , Denise! I loved reading it and getting to know you each a little bit more! Thanks for accepting my friend request on Facebook! Now we are "actual" friends! Lol! Love you! Hope all is well!

  6. yah we can be very immature when my husband and i are together, we love being silly. you two seem like a great couple!

  7. LOVE THIS!!!!
    you two sound like you are perfect for each other & we would make the best of friends!! :)

  8. this is the cutest thing ever. i love all the things you wrote! i definitely need to be better at polishing my stainless steel..our pans are not looking so good! which polish do you use? love your blog and we're following! XO


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)