Tuesday, October 30, 2012

carving pumpkins

I HATE pumpkin guts!!
But as a parent you often do things that you don't like.
We spent our Sunday night carving pumpkins as a family. Kyson lost interest about 40 seconds into it and decided cartoons were more important. So Dave and I dove in and were completely grossed out the entire time! It was fun though. We love making our own traditions each holiday and carving pumpkins is starting to be an every year thing for us. But isn't it for most families with kids?
We're proud of our pumpkins :)


  1. I love your pumpkins!! I cheated & bought those push things into the pumpkin thing cuz I knew Eli wouldnt keep him attention. :) & I bought myself the smallest pumpkin at the patch... but yours are great!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  2. Your pumpkins are great! I really like the cat. :)

  3. Your pumpkins are cute!!! I to hate having to clean them out. ewh ewh. lol


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)