Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This is my week(last week) via Instagram. 
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 Date night with my little man! I was the luckiest girl that night with him as my date :)

The result of my snow cone. My tongue was fierce haha

Hibachi with my lover. Next time I'm going to request the A/C to be turned on though! Boy was it hot in there!

 This drink gave me 4 brain freezes.

A much needed pool day all to myself! Don't you just love awkward pictures? It was a wee bit windy.

 I can't get enough of his happy face!

 Oh Texas. The only good thing about you is your sunsets.

I have been the worst blogger ever. Seriously someone needs to make me a worst blogger award and send it on over. It's not because I've been too busy, or haven't had anything to blog about its just... I've been bored with it? But I'm determined to snap out of it! On another note..
 St George bloggers.. You know who you are. I will be visiting you next month! I only have a small window to play but I REALLY want to play! I'm leaving my little baby and dear husband behind and taking my own little vacation. How spoiled am I?! SO.. Let's make this happen, yes?


  1. Looks like you had a relaxing, amazing week :)

    And don't give yourself grief... blogging should be fun, and if it isn't at the time, don't force it! I personally love your blog, and if you need time away, so be it!

    Have a great night :)

  2. Two things. First, your hair is absolutely gorgeous. Always. It's not fair. And second, I LOVE your shirt in the first two pictures. So adorable!

  3. Okay, so you need to leave some fitness tips for me on my Friday post. Seriously, how the hell are you so tiny!!!

  4. That looks like a fun week! Who wouldn't love to have an adorable 3 year old as date?! And the pool looks so refreshing!!!

  5. I need his batman shirt.. not really but I totally dig it.

    Why on earth would you visit here, during the hottest time of year?!?!? CRaZy. I keep thinking about moving:)

  6. woohoo! cant wait! i agree your hair is beautiful, and so is your cute boy.

  7. I love this. You rock platinum hair sooooo well. Is it hard to keep up? And Sean is right. You really are soooooo tiny.

    I wish I still lived in So. Utah!!

  8. Looks like a GREAT week!! You are TINY girl!!!

    Happy Thursday!

  9. I love brain freezes. I think it makes me think better.

  10. brain freezes, hibatchi, and pool days? When can i visit?

  11. *Sigh* I just love your hair. :)

    Totally follow you on IG....


  12. I need to get on board with this Instagram thing!! You are too pretty, even in your so-called "awkward" pic... and I love Kyson's happy face, too- he's a great boyfriend! ;)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)