Sunday, June 3, 2012

Falmouth, Jamaica

Our second stop was in Jamaica!

You should be, and this is why..

It was GORGEOUS!! 
We went to Royal Caribbean's private beach, Red Stripe Beach. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, employees raking the beach so it was always smooth, and our own little restaurant! It was paradise! The water was so warm and calm, we want to move to that beach forever haha
While we were sitting in the water just flirting with each other Dave actually got stung by a tiny jelly fish!! It hurt him but it wasn't bad enough to get any kind of medical attention. 
 After my man got stung on his tummy.

We were able to try Jamaica's famous Jerk Chicken and oh my delicious! This stuff is to die for! They also make this really dense bread twist that goes with the chicken so well! We could eat it every day! 

Once we soaked up a lot of beach time we went into town to shop. And shopping, we did! It was so much fun bartering with the locals for souvenirs. Everything was so cheap, yet so much time and work went into everything they made!

This was how the market looked, everywhere!

We ended up buying a few wood carvings, a bracelet, and a Jamaican ukelele!

After our shopping, sadly it was time to get back on the ship. But the fun wasn't over!
Somehow we ended up at the pool with literally no one else there. We loved it :)
 We swam, enjoyed the drinks and the ice cream!

 He's so cute :)

 Pretty :)

For dinner you have the same waiter and assistant waiter every night. You're also assigned a table with the same people at the same time. Which was so cool. We were able to meet the nicest people and got to know them all week long! This particular night was a dance in the dining room while you eat night. 

It was fun, and funny!!

After we partied for a little while we finally chilled out and ate. The assistant waiter was the cutest, quietest little Indian guy ever. He brought around a tray of bread every night but he was so quiet half the time we didn't know he was there! Kind of sad. But this night I chose the banana muffins. The word got around the staff that I was completely infatuated with the bread that every time I turned around the waiter was bringing me more and more.

When they came around with the dessert menu, I was so overly stuffed that I didn't want any. The waiter wouldn't take no for an answer.. So he brought me yet another plate full of banana muffins to take to my room and sent me on my way! I ate a total of 18 banana muffins that night haha

This was one of the funnest nights on the cruise! Jamaica was amazing and I definitely recommend it for anyone's vacation destination!

A bunny! :)


  1. Love your suit & that food looks delish :-)

  2. The jerk chicken looks amazing, and I am loving the looks of that beach... I so need a vacation :) Your suit is amazing, perfect colors for a cruise!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Oh man I am so jealous! That place definitely looks like paradise! The photos are amazing! :)

  4. You are such a doll, I love the first picture of you with your bright green suite showing through your top. CUTE!!!!! I love how your able to get to know the people you sit with at the meals, its always so much fun!!!

  5. All these cruise pictures are making me excited for my cruise in December! Looks like you two had a great time together!

  6. how fun! i have been on a million cruises and never to jamaica. i will have to put that one on for the next one. i love your suit so cute!

  7. Ahh so jealous! I love Jamaica! All your pictures are so cute!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)