Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I broke the law

I'm a criminal in 48 states.
First I jay walked.
And then I played on a multi billion dollar air craft.
And if I was under 18, I would of broken curfew.
But don't worry, we weren't caught.
I can teach you a thing or two about breaking the law.
I'm pretty good at it!
I've never been to jail.
Did I just jinx myself?

The culprits.
 The crime scene.

I touched the butt.
Wait.. how do I get down?

Who cares, we're cute!

And in love.

Couples mugshot.

If you're in the CIA, MP, or a terrorist, disregard this post.


  1. WHERE does that plane get it's workout? I'd love a butt like that.

    Hard as steel. Or, literally steel?

  2. You 2 are so dang adorable!!
    I love how you guys always take pictures together!!
    is it just on a tripod? if so, I need to invest in one!! lol

    happy Tuesday

  3. haha you 2 are so silly (:

  4. haha. you would break the law! have you broken one in utah? maybe this is what we need to do when you come to visit!

  5. Looks like someones been a little mischievous here lately!!!!

  6. You are charged with cuteness! I don't think it carries a maximum fine though.

  7. hahaha you're top funny AND cute!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)