Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cozumel, Mexico

Our final stop of the cruise was in Mexico! We had the hardest time getting the Air Force to approve this stop because of all the terrorism going on right there in Cozumel. We had all kinds of meetings and briefings and I'm not going to lie, we were pretty nervous about going here!
The first thing we did was hit up all the shops! We were on the look out for some Sombreros HA! We found the perfect ones!

  I am not ashamed of what I married!

Hi, I'm an all American girl trying to pull off blending in, in Mexico!

 Our ship (right) and a lame Carnival ship :)

After shopping and making fools out of ourselves we got into the scariest taxi ride of our lives to go to our excursion. Our taxi driver was seriously going 70 mph down a busy street to get us to our destination. We know he was going that fast, we checked! Crazy Mexican drivers :)
But we finally arrived and almost kissed the ground, we were so thankful to be alive!!

This place was wicked fun! Ha! It's basically a mini Sea World.

Want to know what the first thing we did was? Feast your eyes on this!

That's me being pushed by a dolphin on a boogie board!! Oh yeah that's right, we swam with dolphins, 
for 3 HOURS!! Cool beans right?!

 Dolphin kisses!
 Dancing with the dolphins!
Dave being pushed on a boogie board!

Our dolphins name was Isamel. She's 14 years old and the sweetest thing ever! We learned that dolphins can't even hear humans talk because our voices aren't high pitched enough. That's why trainers use whistles and lots of hand motions. We learned how to tell the difference between males and females(it was awkward haha). All of the dolphins there were born into human care and they are very spoiled! We experienced a cold tropical rain storm but the water was so warm that the cold rain actually felt really good! We were able to pet the dolphins, kiss and be kissed, dance with them, hold them, they pulled us, pushed us, talked to us, and did lots of tricks for us! Seriously, swimming with dolphins has been a lifelong dream of mine and I actually did it!! It was hands down the coolest experience EVER! We also went swimming with Manatees! These creatures are the fattest, cutest, sweetest things alive! They are furry, not smooth! It was kind of weird! You can't really see them, but they're there.

After we left our new fishy friends, we were starving so we went and got some really spicy, Mexican Nachos! YUM!!!

We started wandering around and found a tiny secluded little beach with a bar right next to it. We got some drinks and made ourselves at home!

These giant things were everywhere!

Because it was a free show for us cruisers, we went and watched a funny little seal show! These seals LOVE attention!

We literally had to run back to the taxi to make it to our ship in time. Mexico is not a place we wanted to be stranded!
That night we watched a show called Marquee. It was so good! Such amazing talent is on this ship!

The rest of the night was spent at various game shows like Take Your Pick, Battle of the Sexes (girls won) and the Jamaican Band concert! It was SO fun and SO funny, I was way too involved to take pictures! And now I'm sad I didn't :(
Mexico was fun, rainy and a bit scary. I don't think I'll go back to Cozumel but it was still so much fun!
Adios amigos!


  1. I have never been to Mexico, and I want to go. BAD. Your pictures make me want to go even more. The dolphins look like SO much fun!!

  2. Mexico looks so much prettier than I imagined, haha! Great pictures and you are one lucky girl for being able to swim with the dolphins for THREE hours!
    p.s. - our last cruise was on a lame Carnival ship LOL can't wait to upgrade next time! :)

  3. That trip looks like it was amazing! So jealous! haha

  4. Okay - after reading all your posts it sounds like y'all went on the same cruise we have booked in September! Everything looks so fun!! :)

  5. I've loved reading about your cruise! Looks like you guys had a blast! Not going to lie, I'm a little bit jealous!

  6. I think you look like total Mexicans. I can see the resemblance. And I am still a little mad I am not on this trip and if you would eat like a bulldog you could wear an off the shoulder shirt.

  7. OMG, how cool is that!!!! Looks like loads of fun, swimming with the dolphins!!!
    PS: I LOVE LOVE your Suite!!!

  8. Dang girl im sooooooooooo jealous

  9. fun! i love david's life jacket. could it get any smaller? haha!


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