Wednesday, May 18, 2016


For Spring Break this year, I took the kids to Arizona to visit my sister and her family. We had so much fun! We spent about 10 days there and spent our time eating the best food, shopping (I forgot how fun it is shopping with my sister!!), swimming, going to parks, splash pads, and even the Phoenix Zoo. We spent one day in the Emergency Room but that deserves its own post! Overall we had fun and really didn't want to leave! So every time we go to Mesa there's an entire list of restaurants we like to hit up. They have some amazing food there, I tell you what! So of course we had to indulge the entire time we were there. And of course Bahama Bucks is a must!

  I wish I had a Bahama Bucks in my back yard.

Moving on.. My sister and I went on a shopping spree, ok Presley went with us too, and seriously it was so fun just taking our time going from store to store. Browsing! Oh my gosh, it was heaven! And then she took me to the cutest home goods store and a seriously awesome antique store where I wanted to buy everything! I will be back to these two stores someday with a truck and suitcase full of cash! #takeallmymoney
Oh my goodness, I almost forgot. IKEA!! I went there for the first time and I just wish I could live there! That place is a house wife's dream land! I walked away with more than I thought I would buy and still drool over my purchases to this day! Again, #takeallmymoney

We took the kids to a splash pad/park one day and other then Presley getting into a fight with a brick wall, they had a blast! And I got to tan my whiter than snow legs for a few hours!

Another day we spent at the Phoenix Zoo. Everyone but Kyson had the best time haha. He was in the worst mood and I still have no idea why! But we had fun anyways. It was all of our first time to the Phoenix Zoo and it did not disappoint! I LOVE seeing the flamingos and the elephants. They've always been my favorite but I must say, the giraffe exhibit they have is pretty amazing!


I love going to Arizona but that dang summer heat will keep me from ever living there! It's fun to visit though!

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