Monday, March 14, 2016

New York, New York

I can't believe it's already been a month since I was walking around NYC! I flew out to New Jersey to visit Dave for a few days while he was there for combat training. Since it was only an hour from NYC we spent a couple days playing tourists in the Big Apple. You guys, that city is insane!!! I still can't believe just how dense the city is. Every inch of Manhattan Island is being used in some way or another, whether it's a building, a street, or a bridge. I swear there is zero negative space! Everybody kept saying how dirty of a city it is, but growing up close to Las Vegas I beg to differ. Vegas is way worse! In my opinion :)

Anyways, as soon as we got there we parked the car in the first parking garage we came across that was remotely close to Ground Zero. We paid $40 for an hour of parking! Yikes! We went and walked around Ground Zero and let me tell you, it was such an emotional, spiritual experience. It was heartbreaking standing where so many lives were lost! Because it was so cold during the few days we were there (I'm talking a high of 13 degrees with a wind chill of -11!) we walked across the street to a shopping mall just so we could warm up. We quickly decided since it was so cold that we'd just drive everywhere instead of walk because we're babies about freezing cold weather! We got back to the warm car and drove around looking at sights and made our way to the ferry for the Statue of Liberty.

Of course we needed to try some New York style pizza so we found the closest pizza parlor we could find since we were starving! We walked in and realized it was like a fancy style pizza parlor. But because we didn't want to go back out in the cold we decided to stay and give it a try. Not a minute after being served bread and oil Dave knocked the bowl of oil on the floor and it shattered. Oil went everywhere!! You could see the employees killing us with their eyes. It wasn't very good bread anyways haha. The pizza however, was amazing! We walked back to our car and noticed we got our first parking ticket. $65!!! So stupid. 

Not the best picture. It was taken through a dirty window on the ferry. Ha!

The rest of the day was spent shopping, shopping and more shopping! Seriously shopping in NYC is a dream! Evry store out there is in New York so the selection is never ending! A lot of the day was also spent just walking/driving around taking it all in. I won't even mention how many times we got lost ;)

Day 2 coming up next!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)