Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New York day 2

We were originally going to spend day two down in Washington DC but decided since we loved NYC so much we wanted to spend more time there. This day wasn't as busy as day one. We spent the whole day just wandering around not really doing anything specific. We drove up to Central Park where we planned on going Ice Skating but we couldn't find any parking and we just weren't up for walking a long distance in such cold weather. We're giant party poopers. Ha! We kind of purposely got lost in Upper Manhattan and it was so much fun to just see life in Manhattan! We made our way down to the Empire State Building and Times Square where we decided to get out of the warm car and walk around, do some shopping, ate some more food and just enjoy the city. It was Valentine's Day so all the restaurants were crazy busy! We decided on some brickoven style pizza right in Time's Square and holy crap! It was the best pizza I've ever had! The wait time was well worth it! Dave and I ate an entire pizza plus garlic knots in about 10 minutes hahaha It was that good!

We kept walking around and found a big group of people starring up, I usually try to avoid big crowds like that but we were intrigued so we went and joined and realized that they were all on the jumbo screen in the middle of Time's Square so we had to take a picture of it.

the rest of the day was spent getting lost in downtown Manhattan, shopping our bums off and also freezing our bums off! It was the best way to see NYC, although I'd much rather visit during the warmer months next time! I can't wait to go back!

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